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A sip of privacy

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors, You can relate to every word if you have got to have a sip of it. A sip of independence, a sip of privacy, a drink so alluring that once you get a taste of it, there is no turning back. Packing my luggages in my dorm where I spent 5 years of college made me realize the best part was indeed the freedom I got. Don't get confused, I wasn't tied to chain earlier, neither was I surveillanced 24/7. I have my own room back in home and I love my family as dearly as you do. But for me this life of living far from them has not just been about partying without restrictions or drinking few beers. It is kind of meditation that I get to be me without restrictions, without hesitation, falling and waking again without worrying that they would worry. I wouldn't blame my age as I have seen a lot people from different walks of life who would prioritize their privacy. Holding yourself accountable in any life decision is daring move at first, slowly you get used

Happy Mother's day : A bittersweet tribute

Hello B-NERDY visitors, Today on Mother's day, my small tribute to every mother out there. Being stuck in this lockdown and constantly refusing my anxious mother to return home at this point of time, I decided to write something for her . I tried but to be honest there were not just beautiful words, some words reflected sadness, some hopeless high expectations. It felt really hard to be honest throughout article. I felt sad for us. Few moments later, I realized whatever it is, one emotion is constant throughout the lines, it's unconditional love.The love that she has for me since she knew my existence and same love I have for her till I am here. Funny part is, it's not just our duos, every mum-daughter duos has its best and worst stories. If you are expecting some sweet emotional words, you may get disappointed for you will walk through emotional roller-coaster: She got the news."He saw you.He is ready to marry". It was indeed a big decision for a 18 year old

Goosebumps : Sex Education in schools

 Hello B-Nerdy visitors, Well if you are 90's kids and cunning enough, you can guess what "Chapter 9" means. Both the government and private schools have a compulsory subject "Health, Population and Environmental Education" which we used to say "EPH" subject. The rest of the topics used to be boring but as the mid term approached, students would be excited, some embarrassed and teachers were hesitant even to start the chapter. So the topic was "Adolescents and Reproductive Health". Back then even some teacher would skip it and ask for self study (Ours were nice though). No doubt the students would have already sneaked in the pages and diagrams at home. Even if taught how the teacher would be just facing the board making diagrams and boys in the back kept giggling and girls embarrassed and shy. No matter how the sitting arrangements were in other days but that day you could see proper demarcation between boys and girls in the hall. Most of th

The Pygmalion Effect

Hello B-Nerdy visitors ,  So the pygmalion effect, a great tool to motivate others and inspire them to do things efficiently. Let us see what it takes to initiate a pygmalion cycle. A way to win win situation, be it with the pygmalion effect on your home, on your work place. Somewhere in a point of your life you stand, when you need that small push to boost you up. Be it your parents or your colleague,once the fire is at its peak, you realize how important the spark was. You may be your own life coach, pushing yourself to do something better. It may be your human instincts that you seek for admiration or someone to say "I have expectations on you". One way or other it drives you to push yourself further to live up to the expectation they put on you. There'll be a pressure, no doubt but why worry if it brings best in you. The pygmalion effect is a theory based on sculptor who fell in love with a statue he made.Pygmalion loved it so much he begged god for a wife reflecting

The essay competition

Hello B-nerdy visitors,  "Five more minutes", said the invigilator wandering among the rows of little kids pacing up on their lines.It was Friday and there was a surprise essay competition organized. Even the most beautifully aligned handwriting was getting uglier along the lines.  Some were writing calmly, some had already packed up their pencil bags as they would not even participate in that lousy competition if it was not compulsory .  On the last bench was a little girl sniffing back her runny nose, carrying  a handkerchief in one hand and speeding up her ink -pen on her other hand.  The blue stains in her shirt pocket showed how clumsy she was or may be it was the fact that 4th grade was too early for them to get promoted from pencil to an ink-pen ; as almost all of those naive kids had some shades of blue stains on their grey uniform. Invigilator was the principal who was staring at the papers from the back of students trying not to make them nervous. The principal

The Art of Letting Go : Learn how to let go

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors, Like a wheel of a cart, my days are moving on and on, same rituals touching different time loop. I was said the time you spend, you always leave behind some form of energy in the atmosphere. There may be lots of philosophy regarding the art to let go, co-relating with the law of thermodynamics. Made me wonder of those beautiful and bad times which now may be floating around me in invisible bubbles. There may be dreams you had which  no longer seem to show its colors. Or your own principle that is now choking you. There may be someone in your life who is supposed to love you but has been quite overbearing. There may be some grudges who've hold, that may be wrecking your soul out. There may be some expectations someone couldn't meet.Or sometimes it may be you, who could not take a leap as their stakes were too high.There may be something or someone you loved so dearly, now is costing your entity for its existence. Seriously what is it? Why do you want

Accepting Yourself- Physically

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors, If you are a female, I bet you are there somewhere unsatisfied with your body wishing may be your tummy got smaller or your arms would be less sagging, your hair matching the trend or your skin got more fairer or tanned. We are blessed with a peculiar characteristics of not finding perfection in yourself . No matter whether you are sassy American or crazy Asians or bold African, girls will be girls idolizing some Instagram models. But you know and I know, we are same girls such savory of foods, we want them all. May be scrolling exercise videos from couch or watching these weight loss tips, buying some yoga pants  or enrolling for gym class mark these words, it's not going to happen unless you are going to change from inside. My 40 kg friend calls herself getting fat when me 63 kg of same height lie in my bed watching her nagging in front of mirror while my 75 kg friend flaunts herself in crop tops and denim. So what is the thing. Is it the weight or you

Lockdown-A mini zoo for humans

Hello to my B-nerdy visitors. If you are there scrolling through your screen, nearly adapted to your new lifestyle of lockdown, scrolling through the news and stats of COVID-19 cases putting yourself in constant stress and never-ending boredom, Guess what? My boredom drove me to revisit my blog, change all those dull settings to a hopefully funky one!! Who would have imagined some random wishes to extend weekend from 24 hour to 48 hours would change to 168 hours of week-off. Atleast now we get to know what years of being trapped in zoo must have impacted to those naive creatures instead of  their boundless habitat. Lucky for those of us who are getting to enjoy quality time with your family. My deepest condolence for those who are trapped in same situation 😄. Same thing , different perspective. Hope at the epitome of boredom , you will find a way to engage yourself in some productive, non-productive ways. So want to know about the person whose article you are reading. I am