A secret deal

The phone rings. Briskly she puts her hand in pocket. "A private number" she stares at her friends who were sitting around her.

"Hello, I can arrange the thing you want. I need to make some arrangements," an unknown voice said. "Okay! Okay! I am ready to give you anything but make sure it'll be in my hands by today" she said. "But what is your name?"

"You don't need to know that. Just know, I am a dealer."

The phone hangs up. She is excited but still worried that others will snatch it away from her for it has become so precious for her lately. The other three ladies lighten up  creases on their forehead. "So are we finally getting it? We still need to remain cautious. Nothing is sure till its on our hands", suggested a cunny chubby one.

"But we need to start making  arrangements from now. Everything will be worth it once we get that bloody thing", she said being quite worried.

"Why didn't you even ask his name?" frowned the other lady on her black pajamas.

"Well, why don't you yourself make a deal from now on?" She replied angrily.

The phone rings again.This time she saved the number to "The Dealer".
"Come and hand me some cash in that yellow shop near your place else forget your deal", he said with a deep voice.

"Wait, I will be there in few minutes".
Without delay, she opens her purse. She had just got her salary. Few thousands in her hand and she runs downstairs. Three other ladies are left in some hope now. They are hopeful this time. They have waited long enough for this day. Every time they had been left disappointed. Today luck seems to be on their favour.
The deal would be over the phone. A secret agent would come by the client's place and collect the money. No one knows the place. Some say there is a dark secret hideaway where the broker kept the thing. It got concocted and handed over at a fix place.

When she reached the porch , she saw a tall guy in a jumpsuit and mask over his face. She hesitated at first but the way he approached her, she could guess he was the same one. She handed him the cash."Make sure this time, you will arrange.This is the last time I am taking your deal."
"Okay!", he nodded.

 Yesterday they had similar conversation but suddenly the news got spread and they weren't left with any. But today everything is planned. Few hours later, the girls are supposed to get their wish fulfilled. It is a night to celebrate. Still they could be left in all despair like always.
She came back to her room. She could see her friends confused if they should be happy and get prepared or take it off their mind until they triumph over it .

(6 hours later)

"Hurry up.I will be there in front of the yellow building. The secret got unveiled.It's chaos in here. Everybody wants it now", he said anxiously over the phone.

The four girls were still there in the room.They got everything ready. She quickly took the keys, put the black mask and gloves on. Anyone in that crowd could kill her. She reached there within few minutes after the call. He handed her a black opaque bag.

"Finally! " She sighed and peeped inside the bag to confirm. She gave him a thankful gesture and walked away silently.

The red fresh mutton finely chopped into pieces lightened up her mood. For them, the night turned into an amazing feast. This pandemic had definitely brought out the worst cravings in them.


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