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You can relate to every word if you have got to have a sip of it. A sip of independence, a sip of privacy, a drink so alluring that once you get a taste of it, there is no turning back. Packing my luggages in my dorm where I spent 5 years of college made me realize the best part was indeed the freedom I got. Don't get confused, I wasn't tied to chain earlier, neither was I surveillanced 24/7. I have my own room back in home and I love my family as dearly as you do. But for me this life of living far from them has not just been about partying without restrictions or drinking few beers. It is kind of meditation that I get to be me without restrictions, without hesitation, falling and waking again without worrying that they would worry. I wouldn't blame my age as I have seen a lot people from different walks of life who would prioritize their privacy.

Holding yourself accountable in any life decision is daring move at first, slowly you get used to it. You begin to loathe other's interference. Whatever be the result, you are the person to held responsible. If you are a child in my part of world, living separately just because you reached your age is somewhat a forbidden privilege while on other side of globe your parents would start to panic if you're not leaving them alone. Sadly for most people here, it's obligation too.They can't afford living with their family.

One of my friends called me to taste a pancake she made for breakfast. She was the same one who came to me few years back with "Please teach me how to boil eggs". Made me wonder had she been surrounded by other social elites back home, she wouldn't need to worry if an egg needs to be cut or crack open. May be not just cooking, being on her own has definitely made her make great strides.Now cooking a delicacy has become her thing.

P.C : Aksha
Chef on duty: Shriya

So is one of my other friends who was so naive and introverted when she left her home for college. Few years later when I met her, she was an entire different person. I never guessed someone who was named a stone, because she wouldn't speak a word, has turned so loquacious. She claims she wouldn't be as easygoing as she has become if she didn't move out of her comfort zone. Her part of independence dug out few more extraversion in her. Well everything just narrows down to exploring ownself.

Before your disapproval nod, I would say there is a silver lining to everything. I would like to quote Irrfan Khan's dialogue from "Angreji Medium", today on his death day sadly, "If you want to shape your career, want to face your part of struggles or want to have an independent life, go for it but return to your loved one once you are done with it." Well being away doesn't mean you need to disregard your duty as a family member. If you want a bit of you-time apart from caring about whole world, you are not evil, for self-care is not selfish but be careful too much of it may ruin it all. Whatever is it, as a human, it is very important for one to realize its self-existence and sometimes having a sip of independence is all it takes.
P.S : Rest in Peace Irrfan Khan. 

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