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If you are a female, I bet you are there somewhere unsatisfied with your body wishing may be your tummy got smaller or your arms would be less sagging, your hair matching the trend or your skin got more fairer or tanned. We are blessed with a peculiar characteristics of not finding perfection in yourself . No matter whether you are sassy American or crazy Asians or bold African, girls will be girls idolizing some Instagram models. But you know and I know, we are same girls such savory of foods, we want them all. May be scrolling exercise videos from couch or watching these weight loss tips, buying some yoga pants  or enrolling for gym class mark these words, it's not going to happen unless you are going to change from inside.

My 40 kg friend calls herself getting fat when me 63 kg of same height lie in my bed watching her nagging in front of mirror while my 75 kg friend flaunts herself in crop tops and denim. So what is the thing. Is it the weight or your dysmorphic body or  is it the lack of confidence you could put up with yourself. After much of my own  research and intermittent act of losing weight and toning up, and seeing my girls body shaming themselves and others, decided to give up the unhealthy way of living. Girls, atleast be thankful of what you got, you can never be the only most beautiful one, neither you can be the ugliest one to survive so what's this race for? The stereotypical beauty your society considers be it 0 figure or highly muscular, it's not necessary you need to be part of that herd. Once you start accepting it, confidence will flood your way. It's the confidence you wear that makes you more appealing.

Being a medico, all I can suggest you is consider being healthy than focusing on your weight or beauty.If your mental and physical health is at its place, beauty comes from within.Me being overweight and my mother being diabetic t her early age, i needed to lose some weight for my health. But I was always fluctuating. Tried any diet like Keto or did Intermittent fasting, also joined Jumba for a while, lifted some weight , my weight is as stubborn as yours. Likewise my hair, I had that lovely hair as a child but all those colors and highlights and not enough care, may be the main culprit was my hormones, my hairfall was way too much. I experimented with all possible DIY hair hacks on YouTube, some would actually work but I lacked the key i.e. consistency.
So like Elsa on Frozen I went with "Let it go, let it go" and added my own version "let it go,let it go, put your small efforts and you don't owe"

I listed some of my lessons below and I stopped being hard on myself. Suddenly my hair doesn't seem bald enough, I am fine with coloring my awry nails and my weight oh you would be surprised though I am heaviest among my girlfriends, nowadays I am getting comment like "you look sexy, oh you seem to have lost weight". Ironic right?? well I don't give damn about the comments, I know I am healthy, in a good track and I don't need to be like anyone else.

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Some key things, some small steps that made the difference:

  • Accept your Body-type :  Two of you may be of same height but you may be different as your body type  is different. So it's worthless to compare yourself to others. Check out yours.

  • Ignore Toxic people:   This may be quiet hard, first to identify one and then to get rid of. They may be your close ones. Getting away may be impossible but you always have option to speak up  and ignore.

  • Sleep/Drink/Active :  I started with forcing myself drink one glass of water as soon as I wake up to continuously choosing myself healthy alternative of  drinks.Since I could not bear a sip of green tea, for a time period I made it, let it cool and gulped at once. Soon I was surprised I actually started liking it. Have a good sleep, avoid screens before bed and some relaxing musics helped me ( I even tried weight loss hypnosis music at bedtime). About being active you choose your way in this spectrum jogging /excercise /dancing /swimming >walking> moving atleast than laying on bed.Small steps like walking while using phones adds up.

  • Accept your Hunger: Once you eat on time and on moderation, still craving for foods means you are either thirsty or bored. Accept your that hunger and get engaged on something. Most likely it will go away as the hunger cramps comes in waves and once you overcome, you will be over with it. Don't starve yourself, have some healthy snacking food on go, like carrots, cucumber, nuts or protein rich diet, so that you need not put your hands on filthy junks

  • Clever buying foods: When I switched for raisins and curd for my post lunch sweet craving, I thought I am on my way else i would be munching on high calorie non- nutritious sweets. Well don't stop it at all but have on moderation and put your effort of going to place and having it instead of opening your fridge and gulping it.I started washing fruits and peeling some veggies on my free time so that I could have them without letting my greedy  heart choose other options.Eventually home-made foods are the best one and i discovered my love for cooking.

Remember always start with baby steps so that you can adapt physically and mentally.Embrace yourself with what you are and keep being your better version not others.
So What is your small step? Let me know 👇

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  1. -Accepting my body type
    -Avoiding toxic substances
    -Relishing alone in nature
    -Reading articles like yours


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