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 "Five more minutes", said the invigilator wandering among the rows of little kids pacing up on their lines.It was Friday and there was a surprise essay competition organized. Even the most beautifully aligned handwriting was getting uglier along the lines.
 Some were writing calmly, some had already packed up their pencil bags as they would not even participate in that lousy competition if it was not compulsory .
 On the last bench was a little girl sniffing back her runny nose, carrying  a handkerchief in one hand and speeding up her ink -pen on her other hand.
 The blue stains in her shirt pocket showed how clumsy she was or may be it was the fact that 4th grade was too early for them to get promoted from pencil to an ink-pen ; as almost all of those naive kids had some shades of blue stains on their grey uniform. Invigilator was the principal who was staring at the papers from the back of students trying not to make them nervous. The principal slowly approached the girl.Yeah, she want it to go quick, she could not help but froze when he was standing behind her.

 The paper had a heading "Education". The paper was not neat enough, may be it was her new fountain pen or she's yet to know how a neat handwriting adds up score. Every lines from the second paragraph had a (^) sign adding few more words in the sentence; thoughts were racing on her mind and her heart was pounding hard.  She want to pour all of her wisdom on that paper.How much of wisdom a 4th grader could've poured?  Yet the article was completely different from her friends, It had a introductory paragraph like others but for that little girl education meant not only the school books she read or the novel her seniors collected from library. She explained how a tailor knows how to sew a cloth, a chef knows how to cook, how a plumber knows  to fit the pipes and even a sweeper knows how to clean a place. She mentioned all the examples she could give. Just few days before she had heard the term "vocational training" from her father. The little girl got so fascinated with the concept.It was such an opportunity to mention about it on the essay. All she meant was the academic and other vocational , non-vocational education are equally important.

 As the principal was reading through the lines, her cheeks grew more red. She was trying to conclude it so perfectly.The more clear her thoughts were, the more vague were her words. She heard her principal whispering other teacher as soon as he finished reading her lines.She was too nervous, still too curious if he was talking about her. "Time's up" shouted a lean tall math teacher, snatching the papers. She was never so happy with her own writing. The paper was ugly to see but there was a spark of hope. If only her teacher would read it and get the gist, it would at least make a third rank.

 There was a sigh of relief after the submission.She was excited to say her parents what she wrote but the kids then were so polluted with concept of rank and grades, she waited for the result.The class teacher was supposed to announce the result on Sunday.

 She dressed up well, she was excited to go to school today.The school assembly was over and the students were back to their class.The class teacher arrived. "Good Morning Sir", the students greeted in singing note.

"Good Morning. Sit down".

Today apart from the daily register, he had three papers in his hand.The other students did not noticed much but the little girl had her eyes pinned to the papers to see if it's her essay. She couldn't even concentrate in the class. The bell rang. Her heart raced. She knew she would never win still there was a hope. She was just a little bird learning to spread her wings.
Suddenly all the names got announced but it was not her. The same 1st, 2nd and 3rd rankers took the position. That day that little girl got a taste of defeat.She knew her friends wrote it better,the way it is supposed to, " introduction, briefing, conclusion arranged in paragraph like one of those essay practice books". With heavy heart, all those vague lined flashed back. She knew if only she could have explained better.

 She got convinced with the result but still something strange happened. Her faith in her father's preaching was strong than the result, she knew he could never be wrong. Her friends deserved the rank but she was not wrong either. Though not rewarded she chose to believe the word "Education" not only the academical but every skill or work which equally deserve respect. Few year passed, she had not told her parents regarding that competition as she could not rank.One fine day, her dad says" today I had conversation with your principal. He mentioned me about an essay you wrote few years back which caught teacher attention. They could not give you score but he praised you for your own logic and unique concepts.

 Every thing flashed back in front of her eyes. She is a middle school student now. Those lines from her father felt like the best victory ever scored. Since the day, she dropped the concept of ranks and position as she is content being a non-scorer and a keen-learner. She knows it's an ocean, she can't drink it all but till she is thirsty she is gonna quench it for her.


  1. And now these phenomenal ideas seem to flow so eloquently in all your writings. I wonder those 1st,2nd,3rd are still keeping up to what you are now. Hope to get acquainted with more of your beautiful thoughts :)


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