Lockdown-A mini zoo for humans

Hello to my B-nerdy visitors.

If you are there scrolling through your screen, nearly adapted to your new lifestyle of lockdown, scrolling through the news and stats of COVID-19 cases putting yourself in constant stress and never-ending boredom, Guess what? My boredom drove me to revisit my blog, change all those dull settings to a hopefully funky one!!

Who would have imagined some random wishes to extend weekend from 24 hour to 48 hours would change to 168 hours of week-off. Atleast now we get to know what years of being trapped in zoo must have impacted to those naive creatures instead of  their boundless habitat. Lucky for those of us who are getting to enjoy quality time with your family. My deepest condolence for those who are trapped in same situation 😄. Same thing , different perspective. Hope at the epitome of boredom , you will find a way to engage yourself in some productive, non-productive ways.

So want to know about the person whose article you are reading. I am one of you locked in the apocalypse like situation, with full boredom and uncertainty, may be infected or non-infected, fighting the situation in our own ways, yet hopeful that this is going to end soon and knowing  world will not be same we left. Only my situation different from you is me being a medical intern, waiting for the war like a non-armored soldier, a video-call away from my anxious family, living with other new naive soldiers of pandemic at dorm; currently done with being stressed and enjoying the real freedom in these restrictions.

PC: Devianart

Like my friend <POPO> is recording a cover song or my other friend <YOLO>  knitting mittens next room.I mean can you imagine!!! I didn't even had idea about what it was, but who cares, at least YOLO is doing something than just over-sleeping  or panicking. Most stories I scroll on Facebook , people are doodling, painting, gardening, you name it.You type a word on YouTube or Google it, you'll find a hundreds of ways to enrich your mind.So what would be a better time than this to get a new perspective of things, to learn without pressure, to teach your young ones, fantasize into other world, to relax with your loved ones. I was a voracious reader back then but now anything I read more than a page  apart from my profession, I get a constant feeling that I am wasting my time or I am not being productive. Lately with my days passing by on lock-down and me being free from my work for a while, I am unfolding myself. Better late than never, started to read a novel named Sapiens-A brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. Want to get some gist from it?? 
Soon of-course!!

Let me know in one word what you discovered your love in at this lockdown  😃

Nerdy Biatch 😎


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