The Art of Letting Go : Learn how to let go

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Like a wheel of a cart, my days are moving on and on, same rituals touching different time loop. I was said the time you spend, you always leave behind some form of energy in the atmosphere. There may be lots of philosophy regarding the art to let go, co-relating with the law of thermodynamics. Made me wonder of those beautiful and bad times which now may be floating around me in invisible bubbles.

There may be dreams you had which  no longer seem to show its colors. Or your own principle that is now choking you. There may be someone in your life who is supposed to love you but has been quite overbearing. There may be some grudges who've hold, that may be wrecking your soul out. There may be some expectations someone couldn't meet.Or sometimes it may be you, who could not take a leap as their stakes were too high.There may be something or someone you loved so dearly, now is costing your entity for its existence. Seriously what is it? Why do you want to learn to let go?

The point is how far you are ready to adapt.There is always a threshold.Is it really worth it? Is it bigger than your existence, your peace of mind? Weren't you there before the idea or this source happened to you? Weren't you satisfied then? Does holding onto it have helped?  How much more energy are you gonna put on? How much of your aura you want to pollute with something totally unworthy of?

 "Power of letting go"
What picture does your brain set you in? If you surf these words over internet, you will see handful of motivational speeches and videos with millions of views. It shows you are not alone who wants this mantra. You may not be the only sailor in the sea.There are myriad of sailors rowing their boat confused, distressed but still hopeful in this beautiful maze of life.We humans are so caught up in the concept of strong and weak that we fear risking and leaving something we've valued, will make us a failure or weak. But what is your priority? Is it you or some random thing which happened to be part of your life. It's not the physical weight you need to unload, it's the burden your mind has procreated now needs to  be thrown away out of horizon. It is not easy but its okay.

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At a point of time when you muster all your courage, you want to believe in yourself and when you realize enough is enough, you decide and you get rid of it.You want to get rid of it.The point when you know "Enough is enough" and you decide to act for your sake, my friend that moment you've already won the battle.The beginning of end of misery.You are not there yet.The final point is yet to come but once you get there you are as light as bird.The damage you've had will heal, all you need is faith on yourself. Once again you are as naive as a child, discover yourself, love yourself. Thank your body and mind. Just give time to yourself and work on other collateral damage. As this big wound does not need any of your effort now.The best thing you did was not letting it grow. The more you see it, the more pain and dilemma you get till it heals. Be sorry for those other wounds which your body and soul paid price for.They say silence is the best revenge but not giving a fuck is the ultimate one. Once there is no turning back,why the urge to open Pandora's box.What more nightmare can it bring when you have already survived the hell.

Everyone talks about letting it go, no one explains how or what after? Well how to let go: it comes to knowing your threshold and deciding this is something you don't want for yourself. It doesn't need to be bad. Sharing a comfort zone once does not compel you to maintain it for lifelong, every one changes.So one thing is enough for being comfortable with and that is you. Sometimes you need to leave thing for your own good, so knowing what is your priority at the point of time.Regarding what after that: Well it is a phase where you can realize how light you are unburdening it . It will pass though and you will rise up as a phoenix.

Human Evolution has gifted you a longer life span.Don't make it a miserable one.Some things are destined in your life. Learn a lesson and thank it for you have become a better version of yourself. Chant those magical mantra "I forgive you" or "I let you go, time for moving on".
Daoism /Taoism , a China originated philosophy and religion may help you navigate with its principles:

  • Have Simplicity, Patience,Compassion
  • Go With the Flow
  • Let it go
  • Live with Harmony

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