The Pygmalion Effect

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 So the pygmalion effect, a great tool to motivate others and inspire them to do things efficiently. Let us see what it takes to initiate a pygmalion cycle. A way to win win situation, be it with the pygmalion effect on your home, on your work place. Somewhere in a point of your life you stand, when you need that small push to boost you up. Be it your parents or your colleague,once the fire is at its peak, you realize how important the spark was. You may be your own life coach, pushing yourself to do something better. It may be your human instincts that you seek for admiration or someone to say "I have expectations on you". One way or other it drives you to push yourself further to live up to the expectation they put on you. There'll be a pressure, no doubt but why worry if it brings best in you.

The pygmalion effect is a theory based on sculptor who fell in love with a statue he made.Pygmalion loved it so much he begged god for a wife reflecting similar charisma.Guess what? His wish was granted. Later the theory was experimented by Rosenthal and Jacobson where they showed higher and lower expectation with the students and surprisingly few months later those who were highly expected, actually bloomed and others didn't. They concluded "When we expect certain behavior of others, we are likely to act in ways that make the expected behavior more likely to occur." It describes how a expectation you put on someone helps them to change perspective towards themselves and you can notice the progress he/she brings and the attitude they carry towards you.It is a vicious cycle of spreading your aura.The positive you spread ,the positive vibe you get to live in.

You could relate this theory in some way or other.How your bright child always keeps on excelling with flying colors and the weaker ones continues to be so.How a highly expected team player tries to score more and more and how a less cheered one fades on their performance. How a start-up if admired and supported spread its wings and if demotivated collapses. Higher expectation or putting trust on someone may not be the only aspect to success but it's a key one. Humans are like basket-ball, the harder you bang, the higher they rise .They say behind every successful person lies someone. May be the role of second one is to initiate a positive pygmalion cycle.                                            
Can you be the one to break the chain and start your new positive cycle? You could be the igniter in somebody's life
After all what you give is what you get.So think before you put your hopelessness on someone.You may try this as a parent, as a friend, a partner or a leader.Have fun experimenting,who knows if you could be a reason for miracle in somebody's life.

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