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Being Personal Activist

Hello B-Nerdy visitors, These days with the colossal news of tragedy be it the rising Corona death toll or the racism disputes or some domestic violences or some sexist, misogynist, class discrimination. That point when I got so bushed by the nuisance. If only I could incant some magic spell and the world would be a better place to live in. But is that possible? If no, is it the reason I should move back? Misery has always reigned over the world in one way or other. You never know what was once named a taboo is way of life today . So what's the gloom for? Well I had a moment of awakening. What makes a world? -Many countries What makes a country? - Its people. Who are these people? -Its us. Who is Us? -You and me. Picture by Dev Asangbam So why not a baby step then. The myriad of sorrows around, those vile musings of people, those notions of racism, those hatred of misogyny, those corruption of leaders, those blind faiths of narcissist, well nothi

Art of Persuasion

Hello B-Nerdy visitors, With random surfing over the infinite piles of information, I came cross an interesting tactics of persuasion. Have you ever realized some of your thoughts or stories which you think has happened only to you but in fact are faced by other people in their life too. Perhaps, its the human intuition that drives people onto similar way of perceiving situations and acting upon. I met friends from different countries who grew in entirely different culture and way of life than mine. Sharing those childhood memories with them, I was never so surprised how people face similar stories of different circumstances and characters. Using a chalk on a white shoe when it got dirty at school or slowly closing up the refrigerator to see if the light goes off or dialing up the control services (100/911), most of you have done it all. Some things are not taught neither advertised but this human race shares a communal way of thinking. Despite the fact, you cannot deny how peopl

Corona Trend

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors, After a positive response on a chilling suicide story and wisdom  of Lee in "Generation Gap" , I came across so many real life stories    people faced.   Somewhere o n the big war of Pandemic, we are fighting our own battle. With every passing of lazy day,  at a point of time there is still a fear of "What if".  On my way to grocery shopping, with all the possible precautions, I saw one of the lavish movie theaters .   It made me wonder how many months or years would it take to   compensate for all its loss .  I could not picturize a day anywhere near when a theater would be house-full  and people would giggle  o ver  humor without masks and s a nitizers.   For some, the agony is not about the pandemic anymore, massive number of working class population are facing either  lay-off   or cut off on their pays. A businessperson is worried how the loan will be paid back without the production, daily  laborer and their family have no options other

Generation Gap : Bridge it or Endure

Every one was dressed up standing in the queue waiting for their performance. Some kids were crying out loud saying “Mommy” and the young teachers were consoling them, trying not to let their parents hear them. Front in the stage, some kids had already forgot their dance steps, some misspelled their speech but still those mistakes seemed beautiful and funny. No parents were mean enough to sigh disappointment in the eyes of their kids, sparkling with innocence and hope. It was the first public performance for 5 years Lee too. On his utterly naive voice he started “My dad is my superhero. He is like my Spider-man”. His proud parents were sitting in the front rows recording his performance in front of that big crowd. He got nervous and then paused for a while. Suddenly he said said “Thank you” and left the stage. The same kid on his 10th birthday got so furious that he got a new bicycle instead of a Mountain Bike. He has a cool bunch of guys who have it. He was expecting the same but

If only...

The clock struck 5 in the morning. The room was silent. Windows were closed. An uncapped pen was lying in table beside a long yellow paper with scribbled writing. A body was there moving like a pendulum hanging on the fan. Her face was pale and lips were blue. Her tongue was protruded which got dry. The rope noose was pulled tight around her neck. She had few transverse scars on her wrist. It was not her first attempt. Indeed a successful one though. She had a beautiful physique. Girls would have to work out for months to be anything near that. The number of books in her shelf was more than anyone could have read. The trophies and medals embellished the charm of her room. There was a photo of a happy couple, one was her, other probably was her boyfriend. No one would have guessed the ambience of the room. She didn't seem to be a failure though. Police announcement of lockdown extension outside the streets echoed in her room. Everything was chaos in and out. There was some t