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These days with the colossal news of tragedy be it the rising Corona death toll or the racism disputes or some domestic violences or some sexist, misogynist, class discrimination. That point when I got so bushed by the nuisance. If only I could incant some magic spell and the world would be a better place to live in. But is that possible? If no, is it the reason I should move back?

Misery has always reigned over the world in one way or other. You never know what was once named a taboo is way of life today. So what's the gloom for? Well I had a moment of awakening.

What makes a world?
-Many countries

What makes a country?
- Its people.

Who are these people?
-Its us.

Who is Us?
-You and me.

Picture by Dev Asangbam

So why not a baby step then. The myriad of sorrows around, those vile musings of people, those notions of racism, those hatred of misogyny, those corruption of leaders, those blind faiths of narcissist, well nothing is in my hand neither it's on yours. One thing you are undoubtedly gifted is the subconscious power of influencing and getting influenced. Bad things may propagate in a hundredth scale; may be 50th scale so does good things.

I experimented something at my home. My little brother would never do his dishes. On the first day, I did mine , well he didn't. On the 2nd day, I said how quickly I can manage washing and I would contribute my part of work. Three days later, he did the same and has been doing it. I realized how people get influenced and learn from each other. Well if I can influence my brother at least, you can do yours. So instead of grueling over sexism, racism, Violence, I now prioritize more to radiate the aura, to teach little act of kindness. Nothing is more satisfying than learning and letting others.
There was a tweet few days back. There are four types of person:

1. One who knows and speak.

2. One who knows but doesn't speak.

3. One who doesn't know but speak.

4. One who doesn't know and doesn't speak.

The 2nd and 3rd are dangerous. First one are the big enchiladas. They are blessed to influence  the crowd. I don't discourage standing out against bigotry. On the era of social media, the least you can do is to share the content. Who knows your one share does a wonder. The more you start with the root, the sustainable the change becomes.

If you are lying somewhere reading this underestimating yourself that you have no influences, your have most powerful tool with you. I leave you to guess this. Well, remember the COVID-19 started its journey from 2020 ( 2019 for the perfectionist 😛 )  and it's not even mid-year, it has almost wrap the globe with dire consequences. If a micro particle with just a genome can have this aptitude, you my friend are giant with a brain. So be careful before any thought or action as it's not only you who is affected, its people around you. If today is the day you choose to prioritize right over wrong whatever be the consequences, your thought will change and so will your action. As I said "you" and "me" makes "us" so let the change begin from me. So being a personal activist before a social activist. I started from me. Will you?

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