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With random surfing over the infinite piles of information, I came cross an interesting tactics of persuasion. Have you ever realized some of your thoughts or stories which you think has happened only to you but in fact are faced by other people in their life too. Perhaps, its the human intuition that drives people onto similar way of perceiving situations and acting upon. I met friends from different countries who grew in entirely different culture and way of life than mine. Sharing those childhood memories with them, I was never so surprised how people face similar stories of different circumstances and characters. Using a chalk on a white shoe when it got dirty at school or slowly closing up the refrigerator to see if the light goes off or dialing up the control services (100/911), most of you have done it all. Some things are not taught neither advertised but this human race shares a communal way of thinking.

Despite the fact, you cannot deny how people vary on their rationalism. Even twins sharing a same uterus vary in their thoughts so don’t get surprised if you have conflict of thoughts even among your closed ones. No wonder my parents mock me if I was exchanged at hospital after birth, as I mostly contradict their perspectives. So are you having trouble to hold your dissent or suppress one? Is someone trying to be prick on you?  

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 Let me acquaint you to an ancient Greek treatise on Rhetoric. We have been using it one way or other without being oblivious of. Thousands of years ago, Aristotle introduced this tools of art of persuasion. He mentioned three important components to it. This has been one of the popular topic of assignment in most of the western schools. One has to master this art and can persuade the most stubborn. Here it goes:

Ethos : Convince them that you know what you are talking

 As simplified as it can be , you need to show the person how authentic person you are and how they can trust unto you. If you are expertise at something or at least you are able to convince them that you know what you are speaking, the chances are high that you win over the dissent. If I were to be convinced, I would surely see who the opinion is coming from. It all comes to how liked you are and deemed worthy of respect.

 Logos : Show them how logical your opinion is.

 Let them know the benefit of the content or outcomes.You need to put out the content of the thing in the form of facts and figures.If I were to be convinced to put up my time and resource on some plan you have, I would seek for proper plans and strategies till the end.

Pathos : Trigger their emotions in a positive way.

 You have been tried this approach since ages. For example, how a beauty products convince you that you are good to look but you would be more appealing if you start using “…” .Let them what they gonna lose if they would deny it but still got the chance to chose for positive outcomes.

Well the flattery before putting an opinion or the gestures you show subconsciously, or nodding while putting an opinion, everything is part of it. An Indian Movie “Hera Pheri” shows how beautifully they convince each other to invest money using these strategies (“25 din mein paisa double”). You may use one of them or all, its an art how you put it together. I hope this article has helped you see things in different way. So if you think that your parents,boss, siblings or partner is stubborn enough, you are yet to learn depth of this art. If I can, you can.

If you enjoyed the article, you must see “The Pygmalion Effect” on my blog. Who knows when one of these tricks does wonder in your life. After all, we are artist one way or other.


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