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After a positive response on a chilling suicide story and wisdom of Lee in "Generation Gap", I came across so many real life stories  people faced. Somewhere on the big war of Pandemic, we are fighting our own battle. With every passing of lazy day, at a point of time there is still a fear of "What if". On my way to grocery shopping, with all the possible precautions, I saw one of the lavish movie theaters. It made me wonder how many months or years would it take to compensate for all its loss. I could not picturize a day anywhere near when a theater would be house-full and people would giggle over humor without masks and sanitizers.


For some, the agony is not about the pandemic anymore, massive number of working class population are facing either  lay-off or cut off on their pays. A businessperson is worried how the loan will be paid back without the production, daily laborer and their family have no options other than to rely on relief packages, some are lucky enough, not to worry economically or their probability of acquiring the virus. A viral video from France about reopening of kindergarten shows how a child who has to just begin to learn socializing has seen social distancing a new normalcy. Whatever be it, world will not be the same place for few years to come. But some how this too shall pass. One way or other people will rise. Powers and dominance of the world my shift over time but the semblance of normality will restore. Like my friend mentioned "Don't worry about the economics, the Ultra-Rich will have to save themselves, so they will save us."


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Avoid the big picture for a while, the world has hit the pause button. The Play button is somewhere soon. That time all you will have on your hand is yourself. The most traffic on the internet today is of social media. Well with all due respect to the holy Facebook and the Instagram , better scroll up to something creative in it than the melodramatic news .Grab a book which you thought you never would have read, learn a new skill no matter if it would ever come in use. Work on yourself, give at least 20 minutes of your day to enrich your mind no-matter how tedious it becomes. For parents, you will have no better time than this to help your child overcome their little struggles. Help your child with their skills, drop your screen and have a quality time with your family doing anything. Move out of your comfort zone and start something as this is not the end unlike my cousin who have stopped preparing for SAT as she thinks the world is over. The least help it could do is save yourself from the stress which you are unaware.Everything is better than to be hopeless at this moment as mental health is as important as your physical one.


Just a part of a game, below I have left few task below. Try out the last digit of your age and have your piece of cake and share it to me. My regards to all the front-liners constantly working against this havoc. Sooner or later, humankind will get back to its regency. The world is rejuvenating beautifully, make sure you are one of it too.

0 Try a cool yoga pose.

1 Cook yourself a nourishing meal.

2 Declutter your room.

3 Practice yoga.

4 Take a long shower listening some good songs (most of my friends needs this ๐Ÿ˜›)

5 Quote few wisdom of your life.

6 Google some unique animal in the world.

7 Learn the different genre of songs.

8 listen a song with different language.

9 Start a novel.

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