Don't Blame - How to cope with quarantine

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At this place, where people are shouting everywhere, where all the voices screams to be heard, where all the opinions are dignified, some of us lay alone. Every action screams to get noticed, the heinous urge of getting acclaimed, being heard is inexplicable. As the day passes, no one is as concerned with the pandemic as they were earlier. Pandemic have encarved a way into our life. The new normal is not so abnormal. Had this virus been never emerge, we would still be trailing the same lane. All the difference it bought is a common blame to put on. In this chaos, we learn our own way how cope up with quarantine.

A common blame which we allude into a virus. People define the purpose of life to be happy and content, being surrounded by the loved ones. Locking down in house with no jobs to be done, this period evince there is a whole lot more beyond "eat, pray and love". Few months back, we craved for this. We craved for a time off, we thought we would happily lay in our couch eating and watching movies. Never did we realize, our mind can eat us up. We are getting lost in our own creation of fabricated struggles. After some shocking suicides around and trending #gonetoosoon RIP messages, people are coming up with confessions, heart wrenching stories they have been facing. Anonymous stories where they tried to give up on themselves, the suicidal attempts. Should we be relieved that people are opening up or should this be mark as an alarm, how people are letting their mind to feed themselves. Somehow people's faith on their own mind have shaken. They are worried if some frustration will burst at the seams and they will be chocked by their own thoughts. Those stories started a long back, people have been facing them and playing their role. When we have nothing to do and are locked in house, our mind is turning into our worst enemy. Such an irony how far we got from ourselves while we choose to scroll our phones to understand a life story of others.

So what now?

If life has given you lemon, you need to make a lemonade, else you will get fermented in no time. You are one hell of powerful individual. You have been facing your difficulties and you know you can do it. If nobody is with you, hold yourself up, be with yourself first. Giving up doesn't prove anything, neither you owe anyone to prove.Look around and find that guardian angel who will help to cope. This time she may not be a person, may be your forgotten hobby or neglected leftover work. Betray the negatives vibes within you, it's just in your head. It's what you choose to think of. You will never know the other secret door to your darkness until you turn around instead of getting terrified and giving up. Let the world make a noise, let the world win it's race. You have your own life, your own way. No one will step on it until you allow. So walk gracefully. Happy walking. This is life my friend.


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  2. We are always in our own mess in our own way. :)


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