Adoption - A beautiful step.

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This week let me share you an adoption story inspired from some real lives. Thousands of couples face infertility and somehow the taboo of being infertile has not changed as it should be. With sprouting Infertility clinics and advancement in the infertility test, the infertility treatment is blooming, yet, there are still some failures. Not being able to conceive has been denouncing femininity in most part of the world. So lets first go through one of the many stories which may sound familiar.

 "Alarm rings. Bunch of alarm clock synced at a single room is indeed infuriating for those six girls. Quickly they made their bed, fetched their toiletries before leaving the room. There is a long queue downstairs in front of an old toilet and Ila is busy in filling a bucket of water to bath. Today is special day for them. No one has idea, whom the day gonna turn lucky. She gets ready on her best cloth, ties her hair like her mother did when she was alive. She still has vivid memories of her mother. If only she had not thrown tantrums to get that toy across the road or the vehicle was slow enough, her mother would have never left her unlike her abusive father. She choose to hold happy memories of her. She looks as charming as she is diligent. Her friends shares similar stories of the blues. 

Today a guest is scheduled to visit them. It is the last day for one of them in that orphanage. Their sparkling eyes show how ready they are to take off to wonderland. Her heart is pounding as someone's watching them playing through the window. Ila cannot decide if the red or the blue gown better suits her doll. All her focus is on the guest peeking through the window and suddenly their eyes meet. The eye contact must have done a magic. It seems the guest already know her and came there just to take her away. A tall lady approaches near them and on her shrill voice asks Ila to visit the office. There is both sigh of happiness and despair among rest of the ladies. Growing up and mellowing have definitely bought them closer. For the world, they are orphans but for them they are their family, ready to have each others back. Ila goes upstairs with that tall lady who came calling her. She opens the door and there stands a gorgeous lady, Maya, waiting eagerly for her.

Maya is on her late 30s, a smart confident persona. The fine creases over her forehead shows how finely ageing has touched her . The ring mark on her finger shows as if she just removed her ring. Maya was happily married few years back but infertility ruined up everything. They could not keep up promises of their marriage. They had visited every fertility clinic in the town. She endured pain of needles and side effects of those fertility pills. They had to accept the fate. The option for surrogacy was what she could not accept and the adoption was what he did not. It was the yearn of continuing the legacy by the bloodline.It was the about the existence of his clan. It was not his fault, he got too weary of all those pressures from his family. It seemed the whole world was left with only one topic for him whatever be the event "how many child do you have?". Somewhere between romantic bonding and a cursed faith they were stuck. Maya decided to speak up and let him free. That idea had not just stuck on Maya's brain, he too was fed with it by people around him. He was too indecisive, both way it was his defeat. The idea of marrying a new girl just for a child. Few years later, they moved on well. Maya is an successful entrepreneur. She lives in a new home she brought. She has good terms with him but they choose not to talk much.He is married and are planning for a child. One fine day, Maya decides why not to adopt one and here she stands.

Ila gets all flushed and thrilled. The ambience of room is turning emotional. Maya holds her hands and asks "Do you want to come to your new house with me?". Ila gets dewy-eyed and that is indeed contagious. "Yes", she replies. The official documents are made ready. Ila introduces Maya to her friends. She waves them bye and promises to visit back. Ila feels as lucky to have Maya as Maya feels for her. This new mother daughter duo are bonding really well. One fine day, Ila and Maya goes for shopping, suddenly Maya and her ex-husband bumps onto one another. Maya introduces him to Ila. Ila have heard many stories about him. He looks much older than those pictures she saw. May be he is not as happy as he was with Maya. If only their eyes could talk, he would scream how much he regrets leaving her. Suddenly someone opens the door at the changing room. "Hubby, how this goes on me?" It's his wife.
If only they would have dropped their opinion about surrogacy or adoption. If only the love would conquer over the blood. If only...!

Infertility is one of the alarming and emerging conditions of this generation. The article is not about anti-natalism but to those couples struggling with conceiving. The deep seated credence of the procreation may be at odds with the concept of surrogacy or adoption. The sprouting fertility clinics has been challenging the nature and creating miracles. Embrace the discoveries of medical science else you always have option to adopt a child. You need them as much they need you. A random source on the Internet reveals , my country alone homes to one million orphans. Your lineage may be a great one and you hold every right to beget one but don’t disrespect a life or a relationship for the sake of it. Relationships are molded more by love than just a blood. You always have someone waiting eagerly for your love.

Silhouette of women holding a baby
PC : Aasma Dahal

This may not be your story, neither of your closed ones. If you read my previous post "Let's begin", you'd get the purpose of this post. Would the story be different if the problem was on him? If you have to be one of the characters in the story, whom would you choose to be?

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