Who may have Won?

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As he enters the ring, a wave of "Boo" echoes from the crowd.

A lean lad going on a ring against a big fat sumo, well this doesn't happen daily inside a ring. Well outside a ring, no one has ever figured out who is the lean lad or the big fat sumo. This sumo has been nourishing and preparing all his life for similar fights. No one objects a chance of sumo winning over this lean guy. Nevertheless, the lean guy has to do this. He has always waddled back his home with blue hues over his eyes. The sumo has always returned with all the cash and some proud bruises. But this is the chance for this thin guy. This may not be the only chance as every match he wrestled had "the only" tag, yet he could never win over. People in the crowd are hovering around like giant vultures. Their wrestle has nothing to do with them but somehow a sight of escalating tension and some powerful wallops gives them the thrill. The bid on the wrestlers is the accolade to the thrill they gain. No one knows if those bids actually compensate the agony of broken bones and the trauma they endure. He still has to maintain his dignity. He is also one of those vultures but today he chooses to play the other role. It seems everyone already knows the result. May be it was his sheer folly to sign up against a champion who is titled with victory more than his weight. Being unarmored and going to a war may be absurd thing to do but giving up just by underestimating yourself is more miserable. It was something that has never let him defeat on every battle though his opponent won.

The referee whistles. "Boom" , first punch on his face. He knows he is out of luck when there was a single person to put on a bid for him. It was his close friend. Even his friend knows that this game is beyond his league but he has always been his savior. He was the one who carried him back to home with his bruised body. He was the one who always boosted him up saying "It's okay. Next time."

Punches are being bestowed on him on and on till the first break. He has got weary and is drenched in blood. Two hours earlier if he had not shown guts for this, he would be cheering in the crowd like others. But he is in the ring this time and he has to win. The ring has always favored the bulky ones. "Two minutes to go", blinks the timer box. Two minutes later there's a huge clap from the crowd. Was it the lean lad or did the ring favored the bulky sumo again?

Courtesy : Australian National Library/ Unsplash 

Let this be mystery for me. There is a magic this mystery beholds. As you got reading through this story, you must have expected the lean lad’s victory. The victory of unexpected is sung louder. The suspense of the last two minutes and the guts he had two hours earlier gives us all the hope in our life. Somewhere somehow our souls reflects this thin lad who is unknown of his power, still he chooses to put on a risk. Somehow somewhere we are fighting our own battle against this abstract sumo. Still we dare as he does. Still we take the chance as there is some hope. At last, someone boosting you with "It’s okay. Next time" and your guts to face it anyway matters.

 If you ask me, be all these characters in this story. Be the sumo, who is prepared for his today and tomorrow. Be the lean lad who never gives up and choose to fight despite a mighty opponent. Be that friend in somebody’s life, despite knowing the chances of his betrayal, elicit a pygmalion effect He may again be a loser of this match as always but again who knows???.Let me know, who you think have won. Till then, comment, share and subscribe to my blog.


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  1. Enjoyed and learnt❤️.keep writing and inspiring

    1. It's so good to know. Sure Sanjana ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Three characters you described at last ; i iike that part. :)
    Keep writing.


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