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Stop Seeking Inspiration - Drag Yourself

  Hello B-Nerdy Visitors, “Your blogs are so regular. I am just curious, Do you enjoy writing?” One of my friend texted randomly. “Yeah I do,” I replied instantly.  There were two queries in that question which were not related, at least for me. Well if you got confused, my blog being regular has no relation with my pleasure of writing. I enjoy writing, I enjoy expressing my emotions through words but it does not come to me regularly. If you start seeking for the inspiration every time in order to get a task fulfilled, it will indeed take a really long time. Most of the time you need to push yourself, drag yourself into your work place and just do it. Good or bad, lots or less but it is the discipline you need to inculcate if you believe in something. You know you need to do something. You also know how those things get done. You know it is not that hard if you get on the track but you still wait for something. Some how such inspirations does not come to us every day

Social Media Depression : It’s okay to not have it all

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors , So let's see what do I have in my bag for this happy Monday Motivation? Oh lots of emojis of like, love and care from Facebook and lots of hearts from Instagram. Mark Zukerberg must get me sued as I am posting anti- social media article promoting through his platform. I would have added “Lol” at the end of this line but I try to sound decent and professional blogger. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc must be awarded as it has let us unveil and get acquainted to the personal and professional life of world. With this Pandemic, it has been savior and helped may earn their bread and butter. Facebook and Instagram must have raised engagements like popcorn popping from a machine. Well, this is not a “Don’t use Facebook or Instagram or any Social Media” post. Its about a strange conversation I had with my friend. She let her doubt herself scrolling through the colors of rainbows in Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. I thought it’s a com

Night Booze : A story about Instagram Story

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors, Keeping the legacy of my timely post on NerdyBiatch, today I would like to brag a little on my journey to Instagram Story. Bear till the end as you may get your new Instagram story ideas or discover your own #MondayMotivation.   “Humanity before Everything  - Good night from my part of world” I typed my first Instagram story. It was an end of pride month and I was laying scrolling lazily through Instagram stories of pride celebrations and updates on BLM movement. One after other alternate posts, there were updates on death tolls of pandemic. As I scrolled further I came across a link of wonderful Youtube video by ParadygmTV  interviewing LGBT community of Nepal who dared to come up against all the odds, proudly accepting themselves. This post is not focused on LGBT community particularly, well I am no one to project a hypothetical journey they might have lived. I haven’t faced the turmoils they had to, just because of how they were born. I got th

That Stroke of an Art

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors, My fingers tracks a different speed when it is about writing inspiring short stories. If you are one of the regular visitors of Nerdy Biatch, you must have read some of my other pieces. This one is different yet one of inspiring short stories with moral I must say. Well, you read and judge. Nerdy Biatch is all yours. Taste this tiny piece of a cake I am learning to bake. "Who is your favorite singer?" Anna texted me. Before my mind decided a particular face, I began hitting the screen with some names. As fast as I could type, I had a handful names on my fingers. As if these fingers had their own brain because my mind was surprisingly blank. Were those my favorite artist? Well, I am not so sure. I don't love every song on their album. I just savor a few. If I think of a particular song, I even don't love all of it. It's a part of it that so perfectly blends with my emotions. Does this happen to you too? You can't get over