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“Your blogs are so regular. I am just curious, Do you enjoy writing?” One of my friend texted randomly.

“Yeah I do,” I replied instantly.

 There were two queries in that question which were not related, at least for me. Well if you got confused, my blog being regular has no relation with my pleasure of writing. I enjoy writing, I enjoy expressing my emotions through words but it does not come to me regularly. If you start seeking for the inspiration every time in order to get a task fulfilled, it will indeed take a really long time. Most of the time you need to push yourself, drag yourself into your work place and just do it. Good or bad, lots or less but it is the discipline you need to inculcate if you believe in something.

You know you need to do something. You also know how those things get done. You know it is not that hard if you get on the track but you still wait for something. Some how such inspirations does not come to us every day. Why do we brush our teeth everyday? Nobody wants a stinky yellow achy tooth right? So you believe in it and you brush it everyday. This doesn’t need inspiration as you have already transformed this discipline into a habit. Back in my college days, I came across some beautiful theories in human psychiatry about learning. It is quite detailed study on classic conditioning by a scientist named Pavlov and other studies on operant conditioning. Let me just give you a slight gist of it. There is some things called reinforcement and punishment, each of those classified positively and negatively.


       Positive : If you add a some reward in your life in order to increase your desired                            behavior, it is called positive reinforcement.
       Negative: If you remove some undesired things from your life in order to increase                         your desired behavior, it is called negative reinforcement.


Positive: If you are added with some form of punishment in your life in order to decrease behavior, it is called positive punishment.
Negative: If  some of your desired thing is removed from your life in order to decrease your behavior, it is called negative punishment.

Well, these four tools are tricky things to manipulate yourself in getting things done. I read these theories experimented on dogs. Now when you got acquainted to these, you too can’t deny the fact that most of our habits are built under the canopy of these tools. We are trained to do something until there is some form of reward or punishment. Twist is, there is a villain to this story named “Extinction,” who comes uninvited if there is no repeated realization of reinforcement and punishment. Your effort and dedication seems to fade away. This is when self dragging comes into play.

I know if you are reading this, you are obviously a human and it’s hard to overcome extinction. It might be difficult to maintain a consistency for you to do something. Your guardian angel may not be able to constantly feed you with reinforcement or punishment. So, my friend, just believe in something and do what you are supposed to. Even if your are bored, even if you feel not good someday, even if you are low, drag up your arse and get it done. Because if you will, one day, when you reach there, your will be proud of your inner sloth.

Back to my story, I too am a hell of a lazy person. Every week, when Saturday ends, I get alarmed that I need to write. Somehow sitting in front of laptop, scrolling few minutes on social media, I get inspired to write something. Below are some of my  tricks to overcome my laziness and stop procrastinate, hope it may help you too:

1. Talk to your mind “Don’t think anything for one more hour and just get this done,” and start the countdown 3 2 1.

2. Set up your daily target or weekly target of whatever you are doing or planning for and arrange a great work place.

3. Imagine in your head when you are there and proud that you made your consistency.

4. Make someone accountable of you and get back to them as soon as the things get done.

5. Remind yourself you already know how to do it, you just need to do it.

different clocks on red wall
Courtesy: Unsplash/Karim Manjra

So I was planning to write about Kakorrhaphiophobia, which I came across one of my friend Instagram story. I guess it’s enough for today’s Monday Motivation. I will bring some of my insights on Kakorrhaphiophobia next week. As I type, I read aloud and I sound like some of the motivational videos on YouTube and podcast but it’s my daily story, it’s something to motivate myself everyday. I would be glad if you get inspired along. Catch up some of my last articles on “The Pygmalion Effect” and “Accepting yourself-Physically”. Till then,

B -Nerdy,


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