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Hello B-Nerdy Visitors,

Keeping the legacy of my timely post on NerdyBiatch, today I would like to brag a little on my journey to Instagram Story. Bear till the end as you may get your new Instagram story ideas or discover your own #MondayMotivation.  

“Humanity before Everything
 - Good night from my part of world”

I typed my first Instagram story. It was an end of pride month and I was laying scrolling lazily through Instagram stories of pride celebrations and updates on BLM movement. One after other alternate posts, there were updates on death tolls of pandemic. As I scrolled further I came across a link of wonderful Youtube video by ParadygmTV interviewing LGBT community of Nepal who dared to come up against all the odds, proudly accepting themselves. This post is not focused on LGBT community particularly, well I am no one to project a hypothetical journey they might have lived. I haven’t faced the turmoils they had to, just because of how they were born. I got thrilled with the idea, how people celebrate their existence with pride and the social taboo is slowly fading.

 Here in my part of world, may be slowly but people are evolving. Yet when someone claims to be a different gender, people think them being possessed by some demonic energy. They are so easily tagged a disgrace in a family. It takes a while even for a mother to accept her child’s reality. Even if someone claims to be one with all their guts, after failure of plenty strokes from tantriks and some sacred thread and gems, one gets finally accepted or may be not. No wonder they flee from their home country for a sake of freedom, to the place where they feel accepted. I felt sorry for people like us who somehow are responsible for this. I never got how a gender beholds supremacy. Then as my blog is themed, “Personal Activist- Change begins from me.” I promised myself, from that moment onward I won’t be that part of herd who suffocates them. After all it’s humanity before everything.

This took me off on my Instagram story journey when the next night after weary thoughts of how my life would be after five years, I happened to check my story again. It had been sharp 24 hours then. A sudden urge drove me and I typed

“Every night I close my eyes,
Hoping an overnight miracle,
 don’t know which and why?”

Within an hour, I got several good response that they too relate with it. Well I was new to Instagram and I made this account just to promote my blog. I update my blog once a week, so my Instagram post. I don’t have other Instagram story ideas and pictures for rest of the week as I also have to maintain my so called anonymous status. Why not a good night story everyday then? That sounded cool to my mind. I added both the stories to my highlights.

Everyday I would act my role in my life as usual and at the end of the day write some inspiring short stories that I came across. I had an Amazon associate account to sell my book, so I used the privilege to link a similar object that goes with my theme of my Instagram story. I got acquainted with Instagram Hashtag. I would experiment it everyday with a new one and place it in a corner so that no one would notice how obsessed I have grown with the Instagram stories and viewers.

Every night when clock strikes 9:55 pm, I hasten myself to open Instagram story. As soon as I hit that small blue “add” icon, my brain spontaneously codifies a line, a story of hope, a story with moral I got in that day; inspiring short stories for myself. When I wake up every morning, the same hope drives me that I have to learn something new today and I have to write something. If nothing, fifteen days of this journey has driven me into a discipline of writing. When people started sending me messages that they look forward to see my Instagram story (night booze) every day, it gives an assurance that I am not alone. There are people living different life but ultimately life is all about dreams, hopes and happiness.

Fifteen days of Instagram stories and I am already bragging on my blog post. You never know that adrenaline rush after you see some Instagram celebrities and influencers had seen your post the last night. The adrenaline rush when even a handful of people check up Instagram stories to see if Nerdy Biatch has posted it or not.

It’s not a great content as I have bragged, just a few lines that resonates a vibration of my frequency with full grammatical errors. I have attached some of them as a part of blog. I don’t know if I am promoting my blog through real life Instagram stories or Instagram stories with my blog (I would write Vice Versa but I am learning ABC of SEO 😉 ).

P.S : Forgive too much of “Instagram stories” word on this post as I am just experimenting something. Follow for the more updates and don’t forget to check out my Instagram and other blog posts.

Humanity Before Anything, Instagram story 
we all have our guardian angel.She just comes with different faces.Embrace her from within
Good night and instagram story real life quote



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