Social Media Depression : It’s okay to not have it all

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So let's see what do I have in my bag for this happy Monday Motivation? Oh lots of emojis of like, love and care from Facebook and lots of hearts from Instagram. Mark Zukerberg must get me sued as I am posting anti- social media article promoting through his platform. I would have added “Lol” at the end of this line but I try to sound decent and professional blogger. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc must be awarded as it has let us unveil and get acquainted to the personal and professional life of world. With this Pandemic, it has been savior and helped may earn their bread and butter. Facebook and Instagram must have raised engagements like popcorn popping from a machine. Well, this is not a “Don’t use Facebook or Instagram or any Social Media” post. Its about a strange conversation I had with my friend. She let her doubt herself scrolling through the colors of rainbows in Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. I thought it’s a common story and decided to share. So who are you? Are you “The Scroller” or “The Scroller and once in blue moon poster” or “The posters” ?

 “I may have a Social Media depression,” she said.

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 How can this be possible? She is one of my most accomplished colleagues. She leads a team and as far as I know, she is best at what she have done so far. If I had to compare myself with her, I haven’t got to walk on all those path she did. May be it’s because I have a entirely different life than she does that brings different aye and nay.It made me wonder how can one have a Social Media Depression? Does this thing even exist? Oh why not! I recalled myself scrolling through posts that would entice the voracity on anyone. There are pictures colorful foods in plates which I may never get chance to taste in my lifetime. There are pictures of celebrations and cheerful laughter, bursting out envy on some hopeless soul. How could someone manage to party and celebrate everyday sharing the same love and warmth? There are pictures of vacation and travels which I wonder how do they manage once in every month. My savings would not even spare to buy me a tickets if I had to travel every month. Lets not highlights only the thick, I used to get overwhelmed and depressed with news of protest, politics, rape, racism,vandalism, you name it. It wasn’t as bad for me I got acquainted with the sufferings and realize how I could play my role to put out a fire.

“Well, you never know what they are going through my dear. Lavishness is not the only goal in life, you know. They could never experience the thrill of your day to day life like you can. Do you want to exchange this for those?” I tried to console her.

“Every thing I am doing may be ultimately to gain those but I don’t think I will be happy giving up in my current job. That corner of my office is everything, you know. Those confined walls lets me grow unlike those open beaches could ever do but still everyone is so happy. People are living that amazing life which I always dreamed for,” she replied .

“You have your own timeline my dear. You will definitely reach there, enjoy every bits of lavishness and success but always remember where ever you go you will be the same. You need to cherish what you have in your life first. You need rejoice the people, the melodrama you have around. Even those Facebook and Instagram Influencers may be seeking something to fill their own void.”

That was just a part of boring conversation we had. As we were talking the talk on her depression, she managed to click our smiling pictures and mouth-watery food that a waiter bought to our table. Soon enough, I could already hear “Tings Tongs” of notifications on her cell phone. That moment gave a consolidation to my belief that the pictures and post on social media may not be the whole picture. Being anxious with the accomplishments of people and worrying why you could not achieve it, well they may not have posted about the struggles on the way; failure they had to taste. We see the end point, we see the result and we fail to see the process; the struggle.

Hands trying to choose different social media options (Facebook, Instagram)
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Only thing to escape from this havoc is to believe that you can’t have it all. Of course we are human and our instincts drives us to get tempted with goods and luxury. This is what a social media is designed for, the more you are tempted, the more you get engaged. The world has enough happiness and sorrows seeded round. A poor guy and a billionaire always have one thing in common; that is greed of some more. This greed is good until it makes you grow but everything has silver lining my friend. Don’t get depressed with the virtual tangles, social media is designed for you . Limit your use and invest those times in yourself. Materialism is a sea, no matter how quickly you take sip from it, you can’t have it all. The least you can do is start taking your own sips instead of watching other how much they did. Neither you nor they can empty a sea. So, Happy Sipping and Savoring each sips.

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