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My fingers tracks a different speed when it is about writing inspiring short stories. If you are one of the regular visitors of Nerdy Biatch, you must have read some of my other pieces. This one is different yet one of inspiring short stories with moral I must say. Well, you read and judge. Nerdy Biatch is all yours.

Taste this tiny piece of a cake I am learning to bake.

"Who is your favorite singer?" Anna texted me.

Before my mind decided a particular face, I began hitting the screen with some names. As fast as I could type, I had a handful names on my fingers. As if these fingers had their own brain because my mind was surprisingly blank. Were those my favorite artist? Well, I am not so sure. I don't love every song on their album. I just savor a few. If I think of a particular song, I even don't love all of it. It's a part of it that so perfectly blends with my emotions. Does this happen to you too? You can't get over it, it's on loop for the whole time. And when you get bushed with it, some far lonely days later, it reminds you again. I love how impeccably those perfect lines hit at the exact same spot as it did earlier.

"I love all of them I listen to.." I replied.

"Still everyone has their favorite...duh!" she retorted quickly.

It seemed the world needs someone particular to love to. For them, it's is not even possible to love everybody. If I said I loved them all, it would imply I don't even care at all. Such an irony how a single line of loving all implies two extreme poles of your persona. Either your love is as great as a saint preaches or you just claim that you love them, to fit in. But whatever is it, if you love some artist, go deep in , you are actually in love with some of their art. An art may be anything, songs, painting or some game or anything you name it. Deep down your subconscious, you knows how amazed and touched you get with those beautiful strokes in it. Few strokes that added life to an art, that matched your vibe with an artist. May be that's what you actually love about them, or may be that's me.

"I will let you know when I will have one", I typed back.

I swiped down and turned to DND mode. It was better to quit here than to ruin a beautiful conversation. I could have a different reply, but it would be unfair to all those perfect strokes that are left unsaid, unsung...

inspiring stories short

Let me know what strokes you love from your favorite artist.
Should I continue baking this cake???
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