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Should I call it a bad day?

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors, Every morning my day starts with an effort to make this perfectly boiled egg, creamy on the inside and hard on the outside. I like my egg that way, a perfect blend of flavour. I put it in the gas and head over to freshen up. Every day it's not the same; sometimes it gets overcooked and someday too slimy and watery all over that I need to redo it again. Today had a similar incident. Waking up late to a perfect song, I made my breakfast. As I was peeling it, I realized  it needs a few more minutes for that perfect point. I already had my coffee made but as I had to wait for that egg to re-boil, I tried adding creamer to my coffee and wohh! I screwed up with both. The yolk oozed out of the part I peeled and the coffee, I don't even want to mention how badly I ruined it. I should have gulped it in the first place. When the inner perfectionism tries to bubble up on a clumsy one, this is what they get. So a perfect start of the bad day I guess. Unsplash@picoft

Outliving COVID-19

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors,   Hope you have been doing good. I was out of words last week, burnt out of nothing, all stressed. Well, then I decided to skip writing for a week. Lately, that's what I have learnt as a self-care, to know when to pause or stop. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed for nothing? You make up things on your head, you draw the lines for yourself and you suffocate. This week I want to dedicate to all those who have been infected with the virus. Few weeks back you were probably counting the number of new cases and pitying unfortunate deaths. Slowly, it comes to someone you know. It comes near you. You are the victim. You are the victim of the fear that you may get it. You are the victim of the emotional turmoil that the suffocation is on its way. If you are like me, you would probably even shed some tears imaging some hypothetical deaths. Oh is it just me? Maybe I am poured with some stagy drama on my genes.   These days are not as good but it will get back to its pl

Keeping the hopes up : Pandemic stories

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors,   It has been months since I stepped out of my house. I see the same faces everyday, follow the same routine. Basically it’s like living in a carbon copy of one very single day. Only thing that changes is the food on my plate and the characters of my dream. Even my social media is showing me the same boring stuff which either I can’t get in my whole life or I would never want in my whole life. Life is not as exhilarating as it used to be. Like in the movies, it seems this cycle of same day recurring is gonna stop when I amend some mistakes in my life I do everyday.   Haven’t you seen those kinds of movies? Nowadays the plot in the movies are basically the same, not to some exceptional kind. You watch a trailer and you know what the whole movie is about. You can guess who killed whom. You can guess who is gonna cheat at the end. You can guess whether the hero or the villain dies. So I was talking about the kind of movies where there is some glitch in the matrix a

Kakorrhaphiophobia : The fear of failure

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors, Kakorrhaphiophobia, the fear of failure. The fear of not being enough. The fear of not being a part of the story. The fear of being a part of the same story. The fear of being a commoner. The fear of not being able to sip the nectar of life being a commoner. The fear of not being loved. The fear of not being accepted. The fear of losing what you have. The fear of being picked by some creepy vultures around. The fear of being drifted apart from your dreams. The fear of having to give up on your morals. The fear of not living in the present. The fear of being away from the one you love. The fear of being unheard. The fear of being misunderstood. The fear of not being able to leave a mark of your existence. The fear of not being able to stand in your own eyes. The fear that makes your feet cold before taking a giant leap of faith. That fear of falling. That fear of failure is what it’s all about.   Do you have these fear? Do you fear your failure? Does your fear of