Kakorrhaphiophobia : The fear of failure

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Kakorrhaphiophobia, the fear of failure. The fear of not being enough. The fear of not being a part of the story. The fear of being a part of the same story. The fear of being a commoner. The fear of not being able to sip the nectar of life being a commoner. The fear of not being loved. The fear of not being accepted. The fear of losing what you have. The fear of being picked by some creepy vultures around. The fear of being drifted apart from your dreams. The fear of having to give up on your morals. The fear of not living in the present. The fear of being away from the one you love. The fear of being unheard. The fear of being misunderstood. The fear of not being able to leave a mark of your existence. The fear of not being able to stand in your own eyes. The fear that makes your feet cold before taking a giant leap of faith. That fear of falling. That fear of failure is what it’s all about.

 Do you have these fear? Do you fear your failure? Does your fear of failure holds you back every time? Do you always make your perfect move? Do you expect every time to be the best? Do you worry every time that you are not enough? Do you succumb to your defeat just because you are a common person? Do you let your fear triumph over you because “success” is a lottery you never win?

 If you have to position yourself in the spectrum of a brave or cowardice, which one would you prefer being at? It’s mostly according to circumstances we deal with. One day we are as brave as a superhero, we gamble like a billionaire, the other day we are as coward as a duck (I don’t know why duck crossed my mind), can’t even let the thought occupy our mind. We weigh the consequence, do some aftermaths and carefully land our self to take the risk. Everyone run into failure.You will never be able to cherish the sweetness of your success until you realize how bitter the failure was. Today I am not here to mention how a failure can be your friend, after all, all we need is victory. All the effort we do, invest on our dreams, is just because we want to it to happen.

 I recall myself being a real wimp and sometimes imprudently brave. Really, as I recall now, what was I thinking then? I am such a clumsy person that my odds of getting things done is really very low. I mostly be unprepared(as I always believe), yet act idiotically brave and stumble with my failure as always. So, I stand at a point before doing something, I prepare myself to see my failure at the end. May be it’s my fear of being stagnant that drives me to take that leap. I would rather keep myself busy in trying to jump to other side than to measure how deep the pit might be. Well, I know measuring it perfectly and practicing some jumps will save some time but try not to make it too long. Sometimes the perfect moment you seek for, never exist. Sometimes it’s just the retouch of some confidence that you need for perfection. So it’s okay, get clearheaded of  what you want, what you intensely desire. If it is worth it, your fear of failure can’t ever prey on your mind. May be it’s this fear that pushes us to do things in our life. May be it’s is a part of learning, a part of reinforcement I mentioned on my last article, “Stop seeking inspiration- Drag yourself


Confidence is not a rocket science. One who is confident does not necessarily imply that they are fearless. Some how they want to risk it, they choose to accept their failure if it comes in way. They have a inner drive that things may fall into a place even though they are not perfect. Confidence is not some super magic only few people are blessed with. It’s what those few people dared to expose themselves, stumbled upon and rose from it. So, nourish the sapling of confidence in you. The fear of failure always remains. You are not alone, even the spider-man hesitated to swing on it’s web for the first time. Oh yes, I know, we are not that super hero but let’s be a our own superhero. No matter what your dream is, it is going to be small for some one and mighty for others. Thing is it’s yours. You dared to dream it, now dare to take your leap. No one is assigned weather to grow a tree or a grass. If you want to grow a tree, grow it. It will take time, it may die in between but you will know where you went wrong. If you want to grow a grass, yet it’s okay, grass is as important as a tree.

Man jumping on the cliff

 Finally, just know you are not alone to have the fear. It’s up to you. You will never know what lies beyond until you actually get there. Settling for less just because you think it’s not your cup of tea is something really disheartening. Doubting your potential is the cruelest thing you can do for yourself. Nothing is perfect but nothing is supposed to be one. Not sure how much of it got over your head, I try to be positive that you've realized you are not alone. This is what I got for today’s Monday motivation. Be bold, be brave, wear some confidence, be kind and till then watch my past posts.

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  1. Grass is as important as treeπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  2. Yes @thinkmore. Everyone here is to play their role and none of them are comparable. I am glad you liked it


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