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 It has been months since I stepped out of my house. I see the same faces everyday, follow the same routine. Basically it’s like living in a carbon copy of one very single day. Only thing that changes is the food on my plate and the characters of my dream. Even my social media is showing me the same boring stuff which either I can’t get in my whole life or I would never want in my whole life. Life is not as exhilarating as it used to be. Like in the movies, it seems this cycle of same day recurring is gonna stop when I amend some mistakes in my life I do everyday.


Haven’t you seen those kinds of movies? Nowadays the plot in the movies are basically the same, not to some exceptional kind. You watch a trailer and you know what the whole movie is about. You can guess who killed whom. You can guess who is gonna cheat at the end. You can guess whether the hero or the villain dies. So I was talking about the kind of movies where there is some glitch in the matrix and the actor gets stuck in the same day till one day he or she realizes what it’s all about. Then there is some stupid solution to patch that glitch and then everything runs smoothly there after.


Oh no, it’s not the same glitch here. It’s the pandemic obviously that I am not out of my house. It is the way of not being or making someone the part of those one percent who died due to pandemic. For the world even the death toll of seven hundred thousand counts to 1 percent but when it comes to us and our loved ones, the pain would count beyond 100%. Oh come on don’t get serious now.


So, basically I was trying to tell how undramatic my life is turning to. There is no rush for anything. Well there are some which I would mention but let me do that some other day. I enjoy drinking tea and some fact-less chit chat with my family. After a long hot day, when my head nearly bursts with the humidity, I enjoy some fresh breeze in my under-constructed house. Staring at the endless sky and watching sunsets has been my daily routine. Apart from turning some pages and scrolling through a few feeds, I enjoy staring at the people walking down the lane guessing what their story might be. Those are not new faces, just some humanly  silhouettes as I haven’t seen my glasses since days. Every day reminds me of the weekend I used to have as a child. Then, it was once a week, now it’s every day. What a bliss, isn’t it? Other than that, it hasn’t been long since I stopped getting overwhelmed by the uncertainty around. Some people are terrified that they would be the victim and die. I think some precautions would be enough to save yourself and your loved ones.  


So, worrying everyday that your plan got ruined due to the pandemic is just worthless. It’s a common story. Earlier when this pandemic started, I used to imagine how life had been in the times of war, disease. People died due to diarrhea, died with polio and pox. There was a generation with the same uncertainty we have now. The uncertainty which was only virtually imaginable a few months back. No one of us would actually believe our generation would be grappling a virus. Yet here we are. I too wish for some change but I am okay for now. I am learning to abide. I am learning not to get anxious that I am wasting my time.



I don’t have much for this Monday motivation. I see people getting overwhelmed with uncertainty. I see minds lacking tolerance slowly. I see the fluctuating fear of acquiring the disease. I see longing in the eyes of the people waiting for this to be over the next day. I see the fear of the financial crisis among the people. I see the self inflicted mental torture which would have not been otherwise. I see some people giving up on their million dollar dream. I also see others making one now.

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I wish I could talk to you. I wish I could give some hopes. I wish I could share some of mine. Things will change, just believe it but for now get used to the same shades of your life. The virus doesn’t stick up outside and spare your friends or relatives. Distant from everyone for a while. Everything can wait, you will pace again. Some day, the fast forward button will again be hit. Someday you will have to rush into your life. That day, not so far but does not seem near enough. So hold on with short term goals. For now rejoice the paused button. Take time to actually see what lies around you. Take time to repair the damages you made. Change something in you. Time to recharge your battery. Be kind, Be hopeful, Read my blog and share with me some of your story and thoughts ‘here’.


B - Nerdy,

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