Outliving COVID-19

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 Hope you have been doing good. I was out of words last week, burnt out of nothing, all stressed. Well, then I decided to skip writing for a week. Lately, that's what I have learnt as a self-care, to know when to pause or stop. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed for nothing? You make up things on your head, you draw the lines for yourself and you suffocate. This week I want to dedicate to all those who have been infected with the virus. Few weeks back you were probably counting the number of new cases and pitying unfortunate deaths. Slowly, it comes to someone you know. It comes near you. You are the victim. You are the victim of the fear that you may get it. You are the victim of the emotional turmoil that the suffocation is on its way. If you are like me, you would probably even shed some tears imaging some hypothetical deaths. Oh is it just me? Maybe I am poured with some stagy drama on my genes.


These days are not as good but it will get back to its place. Even me, you, everyone may get it. Just give your best to prevent and protect yourself. By now, you know how your simple effort of wearing a mask, hand washing can do wonders. Self-distancing does not necessarily mean distancing from strangers or someone suspicious. It’s even the neighbor you see every day who is not marked positive yet or close friend who came all the way to see you. It’s funny how people are following their best precautions with strangers but when it comes to catching up with a friend or neighbor, it won’t count.


Lately, I am inspired by my friend who is calmly taking care of her family who recently got the virus. They will probably be fine in a week or a two but I can imagine the agony and uncertainty. More powers to her. So it’s okay. You may get it and recover soon. Don’t get panicked with the death tolls as the odds are pretty low. Even things get bad, you will overcome as others did. Be the inspiration for people beside you. Don’t let your hopes down and help to keep up the spirit high of the people around you.


 So not much for today as my body lies in the same static phase for a new experience or insight. Try to boost the spirit of yourself and people near you. Remember it’s the social distancing on the precaution list, not a virtual distancing. Don't let fear bring an inhuman part of you. Don't bully or boycott the one who recovered or are fighting currently with the virus. Always remember no one is immune to it yet. So a minute of call with good wishes will definitely count. Try not to let your brain eat you up. You will be fine. Let's outlive this phase together. 


B - Nerdy,

Nerdy Biatch 😎


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