Should I call it a bad day?

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Every morning my day starts with an effort to make this perfectly boiled egg, creamy on the inside and hard on the outside. I like my egg that way, a perfect blend of flavour. I put it in the gas and head over to freshen up. Every day it's not the same; sometimes it gets overcooked and someday too slimy and watery all over that I need to redo it again. Today had a similar incident. Waking up late to a perfect song, I made my breakfast. As I was peeling it, I realized it needs a few more minutes for that perfect point. I already had my coffee made but as I had to wait for that egg to re-boil, I tried adding creamer to my coffee and wohh! I screwed up with both. The yolk oozed out of the part I peeled and the coffee, I don't even want to mention how badly I ruined it. I should have gulped it in the first place. When the inner perfectionism tries to bubble up on a clumsy one, this is what they get. So a perfect start of the bad day I guess.


Somehow I managed to clean up my plates as I didn't want to turn it into a bad day. I have an entire day to look forward to and foreboding over a breakfast must be stupid. I grew up taking different thing as a sign as a bad luck. Well many of those times, something actually happened feeding up on my superstition. Be it a cat crossing my way or a footwear turned upside down or seeing some empty vessels before heading away from home. Oh! how can I forget, seeing a single Myna (Rupee as I call it) was a biggest woe in my school days as I was sure I would get in some trouble. I can't even remember when it all started, when these tiny superstitious belief got inculcated in me. If I have some big day to look forward to, I would take anything as a sign of luck and get stressed over nothing. That cat must be running for something or it actually needed to cross that damn road. The upside-down footwear must be laid there after someone stumbled on it and didn't care to turn it back. And here I am letting those perfectly natural array to predict my day.

Only thing I can discern from this is when you expect something to go bad, you perceive everything as a bad omen and blame onto it. This nature has a strange way of vibing along with your emotions. It gives you what you seek for. If you had taken those signs as a good luck, even if you have got on an accident, your faith on those signs would make you believe that you didn't die and just got in an accident. So, basically it's just your mind that plays the game.

You want to count my breakfast story as a metaphor or you too may have similar story. Weather it’s about a day or your whole life, just because you have faced some bad moments does not necessarily mean it’s all what you get. You get all the colors to paint. Some shades of dark colour adds up to the charisma of your whole painting. All is matters is you willing to paint and accept some dark shades. Talking about the signs, it’s okay to believe, we cannot help it but let’s not get too preoccupied. Good or bad at the moment, we never know what those moments actually mean in our life. After that yucky breakfast, I had a great lunch; same as yesterday but tasted better. And believe me it after noon I am typing this, I am having a great day.

I would like to count this as a part of #changebeginsfromme for this week. I will try hard not to apprehend any possible fiasco to pull down my optimism. I guess not every days are bad neither bad days are actually bad. Hope you are get my weird theory. That’s all for today’s Monday motivation. Be kind, Be optimistic and Stay safe. Till then keep reading my blog.


Nerdy Biatch😎


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