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How to Time Travel without a machine?

 Hello B-Nerdy Visitors, This is one of the ideas that pop ped  out of blue at midnight while I struggle d  sleeping  one fine night . As I have already mentioned my stagy inherited genes, these random thoughts may not surprise you as well. So I had an idea that maybe I discovered a time travel hack. I quickly turned on my phone and noted it. I have a habit of noting some ideas that come on my mind. They are usually a list of random research or entrepreneurial ideas that comes up on my mind. So this particular is a kinda philosophical hack. This hack won't take you before the human civilization but you will inspect all the evolution of human civilization in one picture. So let me elaborate on my idea that came up in that  drowsy mind .                               Actually that night I was blown off by thoughts of people, how the same thing can be interpreted from a different perspective. With the course of human civilization and modernization, everything should be on its harnesse

Stages of Change : Where do you belong?

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors, Welcome to my little world. Last night as I was savoring the enriched flavor of a chicken dinner, one of us bought an interesting topic on the table. We were so certain of our love with the non-vegetarian product, none of us could possibly imagine being a pure vegetarian. I even had to explain to my family how different types of vegetarians exist. Though I truly appreciate people being one, I can't imagine myself being on the other side. This made me realize I was in the first phase of a cycle. Oh! what cycle; let me explain.  As my theme of the blog is based on #changebeginsfromme, I am really sorry to disappoint you as I am not going to announce myself a pure vegetarian, at least not now.  So let me get back to the scene. I was talking about the cycle. As I wrote about some interesting theories of the human mind on my previous posts , today this post is about Prochaska and Diclementi's cycle. It is an interesting cycle of different stages of change in

A Weird Recurring Dream

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors, Today I want to share with you one of my recurring dream, something too weird to be on my subconscious mind. I am one of those who hasn't seen an ocean and I am yet to take a helicopter ride. Though my existence on this earth would make a silver jubilee by now, I have done next to nothing. Surprisingly, there is this unknown place that constantly appears in my dream, which I don't recall going to. There is always a plane just about to land but still suspended in the air. Sometimes it is a regular airplane, sometimes some helicopter, or some antique aircraft. I am either in it or just over the roof of the house trying to get on it. Most of the time those planes are always in near-crash situations. Thankfully none have crashed yet in my dream. Those dreams are so indelibly vivid. I love the rush in the morning after I get up, be like "Great adventure today!" I do wonder if I was part of a similar situation in my past life or something. I wonder i

The road yet to travel !

Hello B-Nerdy Visitors,   Today I woke up to a text from two different friends whom I was boosting up for a while. They happen to attend a common exam which had been postponed every now and then due to pandemic. I could feel their frustration of already being prepared but the uncertainty of the exam date. Both of them reached to the point so sickened with the await but kudos to their patience. They aced it totally. I could not walk their path but I made sure I would be there to listen and boost them. Though not the same path I obviously happen to walk on some similar path. Seeing those happy texts was like a reminder that patience and hard work do pay off.   So I got one message earlier and wow! I could feel that voice echoing through those words. Suddenly I remembered there is still one friend who is supposed to get the result today. Don't doubt it, this ain't a simple exam. I hesitated if I should ask about their result. After all, it's their privacy and it's none of