A Weird Recurring Dream

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Today I want to share with you one of my recurring dream, something too weird to be on my subconscious mind. I am one of those who hasn't seen an ocean and I am yet to take a helicopter ride. Though my existence on this earth would make a silver jubilee by now, I have done next to nothing. Surprisingly, there is this unknown place that constantly appears in my dream, which I don't recall going to. There is always a plane just about to land but still suspended in the air. Sometimes it is a regular airplane, sometimes some helicopter, or some antique aircraft. I am either in it or just over the roof of the house trying to get on it. Most of the time those planes are always in near-crash situations. Thankfully none have crashed yet in my dream. Those dreams are so indelibly vivid. I love the rush in the morning after I get up, be like "Great adventure today!" I do wonder if I was part of a similar situation in my past life or something. I wonder if those places, that home exist in real. And do you know what's weirder, I feel like it is a parallel world. Oh yes, I am not watching "Stranger things" now. I just read a meme on it. Having said that the dream recurs, those dreams are not actually the same but a continuation to the last dream. 

There is someone who reminds me that I have completed some tasks when you came the other day so now I have to play my role to complete that array. Though I am not in my conscious mind when I sleep, as soon I see that place I would be like "Oh okay again!" and then things start happening. The huge aircraft has to land or I am already in it. There is a narrow escape to crash. The thrill when I see the ground a few feet below me, the rush of the air when the sky has visuals of war going on (which I am mostly unaware).  The place is so deserted, thankfully there are known faces. Oh believe me, as I write, not a single word here is confabulated. I don't know if I am supposed to think of myself as a war hero or a victim of a near-crash in my supposedly previous life.


Those who are following my post lately must not have expected this. My posts were really going boringly motivating so I thought to share this. It's been a while since I have seen one, else I would share the meticulous version of it. A few days back I had watched the movie "Allied." It was lit. As much as I am a peace loving person, I have got a thing for a war movie and this one my friend, is a perfect blend of love and war, mystery and thrill and most importantly it lets you relive those moments in the movie. I would not disclose any spoilers but just relate a part to my today's post. At a time in the movie there is a moment of aerial attack as the movie is based on time of war. It must have been tragedy to the air-cobat fighter but the view of sky felt so vibrant and lively. Those days of war must be so thrilling to live with the uncertainty. Even in those times of despair, with silver lining to life and death, people rejoiced a moment of togetherness as if it's memory is enough pass a life time. I won't write much as this is starting to sound like a movie review. It was just that moment of aerial attack which reminded of my dream and my chance of being a war hero in previous life (LOL). Do let me know how you felt if you happen to watch the movie, it's "my kinda movie" to quote.

You must have some weird dreams too. Apart from the crazy snakes crawling over or a dog biting you or you experincing a free fall, those are common to all. Some recurring dream of yours or some too surprising that when you wake up you start doubting your subconscious if you have been thinking of something or someone. Well apart from stories of the real dreams, night dreams stories are fun too. If only there was more explanation to it. Well I look forward to the days when these things will have explanation, if our dream is playing peek-a-boo from our past or future. Until then, I can assume myself be a war hero in my past life, like those air-combat fighter, not a victim of plane crash. Oh! Come on, I get to decide on this. or may be I am yet to live one. Nothing much for this week post. Hope I made you walk along my crazy night dreams. Be kind, Be motivated, Keep reading my blog every week, till then,


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  1. I'm looking forward to read your narrative kind of writing like 'the secret deal'. It'd be great if you'd add some fiction & characters in your writing! My humble suggestion...

  2. Thank you for your feedback. Hopefully after a few posts.


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