How to Time Travel without a machine?

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This is one of the ideas that popped out of blue at midnight while I struggled sleeping one fine night. As I have already mentioned my stagy inherited genes, these random thoughts may not surprise you as well. So I had an idea that maybe I discovered a time travel hack. I quickly turned on my phone and noted it. I have a habit of noting some ideas that come on my mind. They are usually a list of random research or entrepreneurial ideas that comes up on my mind. So this particular is a kinda philosophical hack. This hack won't take you before the human civilization but you will inspect all the evolution of human civilization in one picture. So let me elaborate on my idea that came up in that drowsy mind.

                             How to time travel without machine?

Actually that night I was blown off by thoughts of people, how the same thing can be interpreted from a different perspective. With the course of human civilization and modernization, everything should be on its harnessed version, be it thoughts or way of life. Unfortunately, not everything goes uphill with modernization, it comes with a lot of consequences tied along. A great example would be climate change when humans are living on a heightened level of technological development but have no clue to reverse it. Let's not go to that direction here today as this will go really long. The irony is that even the earlier statement is not true at all. Believe me or not, I don't know which part of the world you live but the worst and the best possible scenario you can imagine for a human, they exist. Oh yes, it does.

The concept of time travel is to witness the different strata of time, be it past, present, or future. There is a part of the world that still uses spears to arrange their meals. There is also a part where people get confused and doubtful about the concept of taking vitamins and supplements in the form of a pill. I mean they really think that's harmful. People are eating mud cake for a food while some where tons of foods are wasted to nothing. This is just about the food. As I am from a medical background I have witnessed the variance in medical practices that must have been forgotten in an advanced corner (People are updated though!) . Everything is racing up but it's amazing how in a single moment of time they are in a different phase.

The world has witnessed some great industrial revolution a century back but meanwhile, after years to those struggles and changes, you will get a similar vibe of those places in a different place. When this humankind has successfully marked its signature on the extraterrestrial space, there is still a majority of people who are fighting for their right to their own place and identity taken from them in the name of racism, fascism, or sexism. In one part of the world, when a woman flaunts her success and a life in a less misogynistic place and people claim feminism as an unnecessary whine, there is a woman who has never witnessed a kilometer away from her place of birth. Some of them even have to give up their lives to domestic violence with the cause being seemingly trivial. There is a part of the world where sadly people interpret the sexuality apart from male and female is a disease while on other corner, people are opening up and proud to be who they are living a normal life as one should.

This post is not a sad post but a way to depict the cross-sectional image of the world how people seem to be time travelling. This exact moment you laying your eyes on the screen, people in this world somewhere are living in these three strata of time right now. A young lad can have the thoughts of an old school and an old man can still be as liberating in his thought and mind. Being in a modern world or being a person of the 21st century does not make you an advanced human being. You may be living in the best possible scenario. You may lie anywhere on this spectrum. By making a whole post on it, I don't want to consider anything or any phase good or bad but just want to show you an image of how sharing the same land of dust, soil, and water, we live in a different world and time.

Actually, I had jotted this concept of time travel hack in my "Maybe a book" list on my mobile. Hope this hasn't already annoyed you. I know you knew about all these. Maybe the concept of past , present, and future is not an independent entity but the proportion of each other. You may not have control over the physical strata of time but you obviously have control over your thoughts and way of life. This discrepancies of the world may seem to be created by the money. Nevertheless, you can't deny the possibility of prosperous body begetting a narcissist soul. So yeah! hope you got my formula. May be time travel does not need a machine.

You can live this fictitious concept of time travel with just one click. I would advise you to travel but with regards to current circumstances, Google anything and go from farthest to nearest place you can, you will witness people living in different phase of time, idolizing different concepts. Look upto yourself, which strata of time you are living on. By this, I mean your physical entity and your thoughts. Before calling one as a modernized people and society, let's be sure we are on our optimum level of existence. After all, #Changebeginsfromme and all of us are in different phase of time travel.

This is what I have for this week. Hope you could relate to it. Help someone from past to rise with you and make sure you too keep moving. Keep being the best version of yourself. This may not be as sensible as my past post but this is what my poor mind keeps juggling on. The topic must sound misleading if you search in Google but hope I gave you better read than the reply for "How to sleep 8hr in 1hr?" kind of search query. Until next week, be kind, keep reading my blog.


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