Stages of Change : Where do you belong?

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Welcome to my little world. Last night as I was savoring the enriched flavor of a chicken dinner, one of us bought an interesting topic on the table. We were so certain of our love with the non-vegetarian product, none of us could possibly imagine being a pure vegetarian. I even had to explain to my family how different types of vegetarians exist. Though I truly appreciate people being one, I can't imagine myself being on the other side. This made me realize I was in the first phase of a cycle. Oh! what cycle; let me explain.  As my theme of the blog is based on #changebeginsfromme, I am really sorry to disappoint you as I am not going to announce myself a pure vegetarian, at least not now. 

So let me get back to the scene. I was talking about the cycle. As I wrote about some interesting theories of the human mind on my previous posts, today this post is about Prochaska and Diclementi's cycle. It is an interesting cycle of different stages of change in humans. Back in my medical school, we used to focus the theory mostly on recovering from certain addictions. As I say addictions, it mostly implies drug addictions but you know how even love when goes off-limit can turn to a torment. So anything any emotions or things under or over the normal can be an addiction. Think yourself of something you want to bring a change and check on which phase of the cycle you are stuck at.

There are basically six stages of Prochaska and Diclemente's cycle. As you go down reading this, be assured you are progressing well.

✔ Precontemplation: 

This is the stage in which one denies the fact of having a problem. Well, like me even trying to think about the fact that the option of being a vegetarian would be more good for me. Someone near you might be fretting you about some of your habits but how dare they, right? You are in your comfort zone and don't want to be with any whiny people around. Maybe I am in this phase or there may be no problem at all.



This is the stage when you know there is something that needs a change in you. You realize if you want, you can but you simply deny to change. Most of us enjoying the puffs of tobacco are stuck in this phase. There is always a caution to remind you. You are fully aware of the consequences that it may bring if you won't imply the change but you don't want to change at all. Well, I can't push you to the next cycle but today you know that you can always jump off to the next phase. If I would have considered being a vegetarian would be good for me but still keep on gulping those chicken, I would certainly lie in this phase.


✔ Preparation/Determination: 

By now, you must have been an expert in guessing the stages. You jumped off the contemplation phase, you are ready with your list, jotting down your plans. You may even buy some of the helping programs or some ingredients of your success and then if you are able to hold on for a while, Boom! you, my friend, are directed to the next phase. So if I would be loading my fridge with all the vegetables and omit all meat products off my list, I would lie in this phase.



Oh yes! this action is the same action that comes from a director with a clapper board. You have started. You have started to work on it. Something which you thought you would never do or something you were procrastinating for a while. You have reached the "action" stage. You are no longer in your comfort zone and this is the time you become proud of yourself when you look back. So if you are here, pat yourself an extra from my side too. Bravo! keep it up.



 This stage is all about holding on. If you are following my posts, "Stop seeking inspiration- Drag yourself" would give justice to the explanation about this phase. Make sure you keep moving and appreciating yourself. If I would be crossing months or years as a devoted vegetarian, a true lover of the animal species, I would consider myself being in maintenance. Open up the linked post for more tips and tricks on this. You will get to your goal and you will maintain your stage. There will certainly be a point when you no longer want to go back but if you want to ruin at all those efforts, you will find yourself on this following the last stage.


✔ Relapse: 

As unfortunate this word sound, oh yes, this is the point when you are all the way back to the beginning. You may have thought, it's just the matter of one time for the sake of reliving the memory. I don't know how great the pleasure it brings but in no time that one time gets multiplied by hundreds. Oh yes, I know you know this phase well too. Taking a mini bite some meat from my friends plate, in no time I would be ordering my own plate of delicious delight.


If you on the maintenance phase now, I am really sorry to introduce this phase of the cycle. The good side of it is your option always to be on maintenance and never jump off the cycle. Procrastination is only good when you are in the maintenance phase. I hope this cycle is relatable to you too. We have been on all this phase for different things. Even if you are in the pre-contemplation phase, You already stand on the first phase of the change. So unlike my situation of the food choices, you must have your own issues. So if you are struggling with your lifestyle choices, your study, your ever procrastinated goal, or some form of addiction you are dealing with, always see where you lie and make sure you have so much ahead to look for.

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As I am typing this article rushing in a one-hour time frame, Every time I typed the word "vegetarian," the software shows a typo. Well by now you must have known which stage I lie at regarding this. I would be happy to listen to some of your progress or some way you related to this article. This is what I have got in my bag of motivation Monday. Be kind, Be Nerdy, Keep jumping off the stages. Till then,



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