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Today I woke up to a text from two different friends whom I was boosting up for a while. They happen to attend a common exam which had been postponed every now and then due to pandemic. I could feel their frustration of already being prepared but the uncertainty of the exam date. Both of them reached to the point so sickened with the await but kudos to their patience. They aced it totally. I could not walk their path but I made sure I would be there to listen and boost them. Though not the same path I obviously happen to walk on some similar path. Seeing those happy texts was like a reminder that patience and hard work do pay off.


So I got one message earlier and wow! I could feel that voice echoing through those words. Suddenly I remembered there is still one friend who is supposed to get the result today. Don't doubt it, this ain't a simple exam. I hesitated if I should ask about their result. After all, it's their privacy and it's none of my business. A few seconds later, could not resist and texted if that friend was doing well. As I was texting, got a "ting" from another app. Hell yeah! I just feel so happy typing this and kudos to those two brave lions. You guys taught me what patience looks like.


Life is all about uncertainty still we seek that stable place. Until we reach there, there always lies some probability of things happening the other way around. But you never know until you are there right? Who knows maybe things are the way you imagined. Humans must have named hope to this probability. So my dear friend, let's hold up our gear if you are on a similar journey. I know how impossible it seems the way you are now. How the roads untraveled looks endless. If it's the place you want to reach, just make sure to move on. Don't expect, don't get overwhelmed with the pace. Years later as you look back, you will be proud of the patience and the effort you made. It's okay if things don't go as you planned, the journey itself must be amazing.


I am longing for the days when I come out and experience some amazing story to share. For now, this is what I've got and I have to share. A day back I was trying to help my friends believe that they would definitely make it. It may seem like a brag here but I know my small boost may have meant nothing. They were already determined and set for it. To be honest it was my way of reminding oneself that things will fall back to the place where it's supposed to. Looking at them, I look forward to my destination meanwhile rejoicing the path I am now.

Long road in Nerdy Biatch blog
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P.S: It's my humble request, if you know me in person, don't ask me who these friends are. I have tried my best to honor their privacy and not to give a hint even about their gender. I just thought this would help many people like us, frustrated with the pause in everything field this pandemic brought. Let's dream, let's dare to walk on the path and keep moving. After all, no one knows what awaits them. This is all for this week "#mondaymotivation." Check my last post on "Should I call it a bad day?" and "Outliving COVID-19." Till then, have faith, keep moving, be kind, and keep reading my blog.


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