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Can't she have an arbitrary break?

 Hello B-Nerdy Visitors, Sometimes I get disheartened to see a generation being raised with barbaric preaching of patriarchy. If a man in the house feels just to lay around without helping with the chores, it is too normal or if I must say too "feminine" of me to point out. Swap the gender, think of the same situation with a lady not doing the chores just because she won't feel like, "OMG, how can she be so bossy right?" I would not complain at all if it was the point of view of somebody crossing their thirties as the root of patriarchy started to loosen its grip since then. But people in their teens and young adult who still believes that whatever the working condition, by default, chores are for mom and financial stuff for dad, I feel worried for the generation they are supposed to raise. I know you guys must have the most modernized and liberal way of life but do you fall in this category too? Do you get boiled up if something gets misplaced or undone but you

COVID positive story : When all of us tested positive

  Hello B-Nerdy visitors, Little did I know, I would be facing a slight twist in my life. In a span of a week, I felt like I spent a year. Sometimes life hits you really well, hustles your base, reshuffle  your priorities. You learn the worst thing you can imagine for yourself wa s not dreary at all. Y ou are  shown with few glimpses of the worst nightmare that can turn to reality. A single moment that can reorient your entire life and leaves some scars that teach you to cherish what you have . I was taking a mock test online when I got a call from my friend. I was waiting for the report of COVID -19 but with the rush of that mock exam, it had almost slipped out of my mind. I was already on halfway when she said that both of us tested positive. In that fraction of second, I tried to take as normal as I could. I already knew that the test would definitely turn out positive as I had noticed some of the symptoms on my father the earlier day. I hung up on phone and just took a long breath.