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Sometimes I get disheartened to see a generation being raised with barbaric preaching of patriarchy. If a man in the house feels just to lay around without helping with the chores, it is too normal or if I must say too "feminine" of me to point out. Swap the gender, think of the same situation with a lady not doing the chores just because she won't feel like, "OMG, how can she be so bossy right?" I would not complain at all if it was the point of view of somebody crossing their thirties as the root of patriarchy started to loosen its grip since then. But people in their teens and young adult who still believes that whatever the working condition, by default, chores are for mom and financial stuff for dad, I feel worried for the generation they are supposed to raise. I know you guys must have the most modernized and liberal way of life but do you fall in this category too? Do you get boiled up if something gets misplaced or undone but you believe it's ultimately your mother who is liable? If your mom remains always too busy with her work and fails to manage the shits around you, do you get mad at her? (Here the word "you" implies all the gender.) If yes, Why?

I don't want to publicize this post. This post did its job as I vented out. A son can be arduous enough to raise voice against his mother that something hasn't been done in the home as it's supposed to be but it becomes too inferior of him to think that he is equally responsible and is well equipped with limbs and energy to finish off the task. A son who can lazily lay off in bed with no guilt and it's normal but if his sister does so, she should be ashamed of herself. A man who feels okay to show up their rage just because he has done half of the work and the rest is untouched by the lady in the house. Yes, it is a matter of equality and equity and I mean no offense in the name of sexism. But does she really deserve that? Isn't she even allowed to be carefree for some time without any obvious reason? We talk heavy words in the name of sexism. Most of us crack jokes as a woman who have got everything must not be vocal and whiny for the rights she already enjoys. However, in between the vicinity of feminism, misogyny, equality, and equity; somethings always remain unsaid and unheard.

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Well, we still have the power to change things. Don't let this grip slip out of hand. If you consider a change in yourself, someone will always be lucky to cross your path. There isn't a doubt that things will get better but you hold the power and responsibility to pace this up. Let equality grow its root in our generation as the patriarchy had once. We all owe this for the years of suffering and the generation to come. If you had gone through my blog post on "How to Time travel without a machine," please don't just claim to be the people of the future but be one. I am a firm believer in "actions speak louder" and prefer not to point my views regarding sexism on the blog, yet, sometimes listening and getting acquainted with some circumstances alarms me how our generation could go wrong. In regards to my last post on "COVID positive story," I have been in good health along with my family and was overwhelmed by your kind response. Well, I found something to change in me from this week as my blog goes "#changebeginsfromme," have you got yours? Be kind, keep sharing your stories, and keep reading my blog.


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  1. I am very proud of you in every way. More power to you to raise your voices in the media platform rather then just cletting it be in your thought :)
    much love

    1. Thank you. I am glad if it served the purpose of raising my voice. It's the sole purpose I blog, just putting up my perspective :)

  2. Your writing always gives me positive vibes. Loved this too. Keep writing!


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