COVID positive story : When all of us tested positive

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Little did I know, I would be facing a slight twist in my life. In a span of a week, I felt like I spent a year. Sometimes life hits you really well, hustles your base, reshuffle your priorities. You learn the worst thing you can imagine for yourself was not dreary at all. You are shown with few glimpses of the worst nightmare that can turn to reality. A single moment that can reorient your entire life and leaves some scars that teach you to cherish what you have.

I was taking a mock test online when I got a call from my friend. I was waiting for the report of COVID -19 but with the rush of that mock exam, it had almost slipped out of my mind. I was already on halfway when she said that both of us tested positive. In that fraction of second, I tried to take as normal as I could. I already knew that the test would definitely turn out positive as I had noticed some of the symptoms on my father the earlier day. I hung up on phone and just took a long breath. I had paused my mock test so I felt like maybe I should continue it first. I could feel my body and mind, shifting slowly on a different dimension. During the time, when everyone is getting infected, it seems to be a minor thing, moreover, when you know you are already infected. However, the certainty given by the positive report pushed me into denial. Yes! with my lungs sucking up all the air around, with my body trying its best to concentrate to complete that mock test, and my mind thinking about my gestures while revealing the report to my dad sitting in the other room, I was laying there perplexed.

That day was my dad's 56th birth date. As I am one of those pampered "dad's daughter," I rehearsed the moment of revealing the report in my mind several times. After that tedious unsuccessful attempt to complete that test, I decided to stop it and go to him. As I thought in my mind, I bravely said to him that we both got positive for the virus. Deep down, my words were shivering but I didn't let him know. After a few minutes, he told me how guilty he felt for me being positive as I hadn't walked out of the house for months. Well, I convinced him it could have been anyone. His birthday is one of the awaited days of the year for us but this time I had to give him the worst possible gift. The rest of my family members were to get tested and as expected they too turned out to be positive.

Things were comparatively easy for us to be on home isolation as all of us were positive with the virus. Still, we managed to appropriately self distance from each other, use our own toiletries and other belongings. We shared the kitchen and dining though as it gave us the sense of being together. I had started medicines and supplements from the day we tested positive, so we did not face much of symptoms. Though I had some familiar muscle cramps and all our appetite got low. Since I had more ideas with the management, I was checking after the schedule of each and every member. I too had weakness but the responsibility I had for them did not let me rest much. I had to always show them my brave face so that they would be convinced that we could overcome the infection. A few weeks earlier, we used to discuss how everyone may get it and the dramatic and disheartening situation when an ambulance comes to take you to the hospital. We had already made the scene on our head as a tragedy when cases were rising nearby. 

For a few days, things were going smoothly. Everybody was caring for each other. We would crack humor out of our stress. We made sure to eat nutritious food and stick to the routine. During the night, my father would cough really bad, and maybe that was the thing terrifying all of us. We were overwhelmed by the response of our neighbors and relatives who would make sure we were not in sort of any supplies. I felt lucky to be surrounded by such kind and caring gestures of them. Well, I would not deny that there will be people who would turn their heads, who would not bother for a call. Make sure you look on the brighter side and don't get disheartened with your expectations.

With piles of clothes being washed every day, bed-sheets changed every alternate day, maintaining the best possible routine, we were moving on. My anxiety would touch the roof sometimes but none of the people around me could know at all.  One fine evening, I was checking oxygen saturation on my device and found my dad saturation was dropping. The moment I saw the reading on that device, I got totally blank. Everyone was around and he had no obvious symptoms at all. I realized he would need some medical assistance soon. I examined him pretending a normal check-up but my inner self was panicking like anything. It's true that doctors should not be allowed to treat their near ones as I could not have answered the simplest medical term if anyone would have asked me at that moment. Before saying everyone that he needed help, I silently went to my room, called a bunch of people, and as everyone suggested, I called an ambulance. My family was already terrorized by the concept of being in the hospital as a COVID patient. I calmly tried to convince him that he would be fine if he would go to the hospital now. I remember the fear on the face of my father the moment I said to him. I had never held up myself as strongly as I did that moment. I held his hand pretending to check his saturation just to console his fear. A few moments back he had no idea he would have to go to a hospital.

Thankfully, everyone believed me that moment and none of them showed how badly they were panicking. I could witness the fear in eyes of everyone but everyone was trying their best to take it calmly. My father was denying for few minutes and claiming that he would be fine after some steam and gargle. I was giving my best look like it wasn't a big deal. I wanted him to be as calm as possible. The ambulance arrived in a few minutes and he drove off to the hospital. For a few days, I was calling him every few hours and convincing him to stay for one more day. I would encourage him to motivate other people with him. I have learned a few motivating skills from him. A few days later, he adjusted to the environment. Back at home, we were doing our best and managed to boost up each other's confidence. We didn't face much trouble regarding symptoms but things started working well after a few days. Our appetite slowly improved with lots of nutritious food and warm up. 

My dad was recovering well so we shifted him back on home isolation. The day he arrived, he was like a prisoner released from jail. He would share stories of other friends he made, back in the hospital. A day later I was praying for their health. Thanks to all the health-care workers, he is improving well till now. I continued his I .v medications at home for a few days. Maybe it was my anxiety that I used to have nightmares during the days he was in hospital but now I enjoy a peaceful sleep. Our habits have changed a lot since the day we tested positive and I am loving my new routine. It's funny how my parents are giving suggestions regarding pulse oximeter readings and managing symptoms to other people who are tested positive. I used to boost everyone up saying that we were making a kind of vaccine within us so that we can share with others. I am sure they are proud of being the potential to serve others.


It has been two weeks now. We will get retested next week as I still have some dry cough left to resolve. These few weeks were a real pause buttons on my life and the things which were on my priorities have to be resumed soon. I am thankful for all the lovely wishes and the stories people shared of their own. I would not write about this but I felt this a perfect way to conclude last week's omen. Hope we all get negative soon. Just a few things I want to share is:

✤ Stick to a good routine. Take up your medicines and supplements and eat healthy on a fixed schedule. 

✤There were times when I thought that maybe I could die at any time. I could feel some resistance on my airways as I tried to sleep. I know that was my anxiety talking but still, it is normal thought to cross your mind. Don't let that eat you up.

Everything stops for a while, your plans, and other things slip out of your hand. Give everything a rest. Your health is your priority and everything in the world can wait.

✤No matter how bad the days may seem to get worst, it will slowly get better. Everyone said positive thoughts and good hope is a key to overcome. I felt it hard to maintain but as you know, "Fake it until you make it." You have no option but to be positive and wait for good days.

You never know how a small act of kindness works wonder. I was amazed by the people who would turn to you in difficult times. Some so-called close people wouldn't even call you up as if the virus transmits virtually. Maintaining the precautions, people have been helping us a lot and I would be always in debt to this act of kindness. 

Sharing your experience or talking about it is not a matter of attention-seeking. It's okay to share if you are afraid. Share hopes and good wishes with people. Some people don't know what to talk about, like, I used to get annoyed when my mother was called up by her friends telling the story of the unfortunate demise of people due to the virus. Don't get surround by such people and neither be one. Hopes and positive thoughts are what one needs as a COVID patient even if asymptomatic.

✤ Make sure you are in reach of medical assistance or help if staying in home isolation. In my country with people experimenting with every kind of herbs, make sure what you are doing as most of those seldom works. 

Life moves on. We are still on this journey but we hope to be fine soon. I don't deny myself silently wiping out some tears on the bed but I am proud of my family members for facing it boldly. Yet, whenever one of us coughs or sneeze, it startles the rest of us. I am thankful to everyone for making it easier. Every "Love you," "How are you?" "Take Care," "Get well soon," have been blessing and cheered me up. Regarding the situation in my country, it seems inevitable, yet make your best effort to avoid it. The character of this story may be different, the symptoms may be different but together we can do our best to make it easy and overcome. I wish everyone to stay in the best of your health and wish more powers to everyone facing it. Howbeit you are left devastated, you can do it. Always hope for a better day ahead as it certainly exists. I am glad to be back to blogging. Happy to listen to some of your stories.


Nerdy Biatch😎


  1. 😯..kudos to your courage & kindness for being able to boldly face all that.. & yet share your story with light of hope...I was wondering if u left blogging...but thank god you are back!

  2. I'm stuck at the safest place you can be..😁

  3. Writing the feelings into words may be difficult...also an achievement to you..thank you for sharing the stories...which we may face in any days...we are in this together ��


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