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Bravery and you, no way?

 Hello B-Nerdy Visitors , Hope you are doing great on the other side of screen. It's been quite a while but hey, welcome to the second series of my journey of change. These days are checking my patience and I am awed with myself how I am able to push my limit everyday. If I would ask my younger version if she would believe where I stand today, she would, without any doubt. You know why, because she always believed in herself and carried the audacity to push herself despite the adversity. But here is a fact check though, Never in her wildest dream she would imagine what it takes to be here. Not to mention the sleepless night, hustling between life and her dreams. You know what helped, she planned, envisioned her goals where she need to reach. Yes, friends, I know you can sense a smell of pride and self praise. I always believe there is a silver lining to the self esteem and self confidence. Make sure to put yourself in the brighter side near to that glazing silver lining beyond whic