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The Story of Mini Beginning

And then she was laying in her bed, alone like she was left in a lone island. The room was filled with vibrating aura of freedom, a beginning. A thin bedsheet spread over the naked floor where she piled all her clothes. She was too tired to mop the floor as it looked clean enough, for her body got weary with the work all day. Somehow, she managed to hang on curtains on the windows but on the one beside her bed, she let it bare.  It was too early to call it a night, somehow, the cold breeze of an early winter forced her soul into the cozy bed. Only thing the room had was a bed and that  big windows near it where she could see the beautiful hills with twinkling light in the distance. Those hills was far yet seemed so near that if she stretched her hand outside, she could feel the velvety green forest. The stars in the sky were perfectly scattered. It would be challenging for new eyes to differentiate the lights between the celestial bodies to the artificial lights brightening hut in the