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Flight to the USA

 Hi B-Nerdy Visitors, "I believe in destiny too but what you call destiny is the question," Prof. A said.  "I think if I have to say it, I could explain with an example my dad told me when I was about to leave home for the USA. Many years back, somebody asked my brother and me what we wanted to be in the future. Naively, I said doctor, and my brother eagerly replied to the driver. My dad was listening, and he felt pity as he never knew our family could afford me to attend medical school in the wildest dream. But, see, here I am dining with you, one of the finest Professors of Psychiatry, talking about my dreams and hobbies." He smiled. I realized he must have agreed with my perspective.  I had a great day today. Although I am still waiting for that first interview invite for my medical residency, every day feels like bliss. Not that coming to the USA was my ultimate dream, but I am glad that I am evolving every day despite all my challenges. If I have to count the s