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"I believe in destiny too but what you call destiny is the question," Prof. A said. 

"I think if I have to say it, I could explain with an example my dad told me when I was about to leave home for the USA. Many years back, somebody asked my brother and me what we wanted to be in the future. Naively, I said doctor, and my brother eagerly replied to the driver. My dad was listening, and he felt pity as he never knew our family could afford me to attend medical school in the wildest dream. But, see, here I am dining with you, one of the finest Professors of Psychiatry, talking about my dreams and hobbies."

He smiled. I realized he must have agreed with my perspective. 

I had a great day today. Although I am still waiting for that first interview invite for my medical residency, every day feels like bliss. Not that coming to the USA was my ultimate dream, but I am glad that I am evolving every day despite all my challenges. If I have to count the struggles, the list will go on, but it is what makes my journey exciting.

I flew from Nepal to Chicago, staying as a senior at my med school. I had randomly emailed my resume to the professor here, and to my surprise, he replied and offered me a generous gesture. Since I had to work with the documents, I didn't want to waste my time in between, so I went to Boston. I was offered a fantastic opportunity to shadow the faculty. In the meantime, getting an email address with MGH and Harvard extension was a big deal for someone like me. The faculty with whom I worked as a volunteer for a year turned out to be such good person. Not only he saw numerous patients than avg, but he is also an initiator of an innovative program there. It turned out to be an enriching experience for me. 

Before coming to Boston, I thought I would do the shadowing virtually from Chicago, but over a day, I had to decide on a place to stay where I had no one. Neither did I have much financial privilege. Nothing was planned; I took a ticket, knowing I would manage something. Luckily, I got introduced to a family who hosted me the entire time and made me feel like one of them. I stayed in their basement; the grans treated me like their daughter, two kids, and a kind couple I now consider kin. I would take a granny's travel card and roam around the streets of Boston either alone or with two of my colleagues. Those colleagues, I had only seen those faces on Zoom for a year. We enjoyed each other's company and shared our interests. They both would make good psychiatrists. It's incredible how you can feel a person's personality when you meet them in person rather than only virtual.

I could see tears in the eyes of the grans when I bid them bye. I had even bonded well with their family friends. Everything is worth witnessing the soul of the downtown, the calmness of the suburb, and the random faces on trains. The only thing I missed is I wanted to try some seafood which I didn't; else, I did more than a to-do list in Boston. I flew back to Chicago again. I had gone out to movies and parties and walked with friends of my senior. I think I will meet them again soon, but today I had to meet my Prof.

We had a meeting on Zoom. So, we decided to meet for Coffee. He is a kind, generous and humble person. We had a good conversation on family, Psychiatry, hobbies, research, ketamine, life experiences, religion, and destiny. One thing I admire about the USA is how approachable a faculty is to a student. I am lucky in this case, as back in my country, I got to work with a similar humble professor, but it's not the same with everyone. It's more about respect than fear that should be valued. And, perhaps, it's more about the journey than the destination that should be treasured.

I look forward to making memories, taking my exam in between, learning a lot with whatever life has to offer, and, the main part cherishing everything. Life keeps on giving you surprises if you are willing to put effort into yourself. On that note, I hope to write good news soon. Until then, be kind, be daring, and be nerdy.


Nerdy Biatch 😎


  1. U will succeed I believe in you. Enjoy the exciting journey. Trust me there are many more surprises ahead. Eagerly waiting for new stories.


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