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Slipping away

Hey B-Nerdy Visitors, Have you ever had the feeling of something slipping away? Perhaps the sand between your fingers when you try to hold them tight. There are things you would want desperately, and you put so much of your effort into them. There is a pretty good chance that things may not go accordingly to what you've planned for. It's safe to say most of us have faced this at one moment or other. Some prefer to hold into it and go for it until they manifest, and some tend to blame it on destiny. But what would you do if it's not up to you? You may be one of those who would be gifted a coupon and win a lottery, or maybe the other would have to earn their coupon and not win anyway. Let me assure you, it is okay to be either one. You are not alone. After all, it's life, right?  I have moments of being unmotivated, considering that I am highly motivated and hopefully most of the time. I do prefer writing about happiness and motivation so that I can spark ripples of posit

Awaken dreams

 Hi B-Nerdy Visitors, As I watched a movie and almost past midnight, I realize how I  got drawn towards it. For a while, I was this different character, trying to make a life out of nothing to everything, in some unfamiliar circumstances. I was in this different world. When it ended, I got inspired, somehow there are lots of words I want to express as the character, some as myself. I could relate some part of me to that character despite it being remotely related. And suddenly, I wish I could write a book out of it, a book after every movie I see, every person I meet; where I can portray how I felt having a conversation with some special people, how magical some moments were for me, how tragical some farewell happened to be.  I portray myself sitting in a chair facing the window with the bright light lighting my face. Somehow that glowy rays would help me type quicker, and my words would touch your life of yours. Somehow, I complete my book and publish it anonymously. I wish my words h

Missed the Train

Dear B-Nerdy Visitors, Here I am at a quiet train station, a moment after missing my train. I got off the bus and had to see the train leaving just because the pedestrian traffic signal was late enough to let me cross the road. At a point I thought I would cross the road and catch that train anyway, but no way I was going to risk my life for one day experience. My professor already introduces to his patient as one of the most determined and nice lady. So, I am pretty sure, the 45 min delay won't take me anywhere. This made me realize of one of my juniors who used to be so hard on herself, just for the sake of impressing others and the moment she failed for a thing, she would blame it on herself and all her good would go in vain for her. She must have her reasons but I never care much about it. Afterall, it's not going to matter few years from now neither has some irresponsible consequences.  Well, it's really important how we prioritise our stuffs for the sake of mental hea