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 Hi B-Nerdy Visitors,

As I watched a movie and almost past midnight, I realize how I  got drawn towards it. For a while, I was this different character, trying to make a life out of nothing to everything, in some unfamiliar circumstances. I was in this different world. When it ended, I got inspired, somehow there are lots of words I want to express as the character, some as myself. I could relate some part of me to that character despite it being remotely related. And suddenly, I wish I could write a book out of it, a book after every movie I see, every person I meet; where I can portray how I felt having a conversation with some special people, how magical some moments were for me, how tragical some farewell happened to be. 

I portray myself sitting in a chair facing the window with the bright light lighting my face. Somehow that glowy rays would help me type quicker, and my words would touch your life of yours. Somehow, I complete my book and publish it anonymously. I wish my words had that power.  If only this feeling sticks, if only I would be able to tell you the story of how magical it was to see those fireflies in the pitch dark. That moment when I was rejoicing in my escape from a forbidden abode. But the clock ticks, and I have to sleep. Until next time, be kind, be nerdy


Nerdy Biatch 😎


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