Missed the Train

Dear B-Nerdy Visitors,

Here I am at a quiet train station, a moment after missing my train. I got off the bus and had to see the train leaving just because the pedestrian traffic signal was late enough to let me cross the road. At a point I thought I would cross the road and catch that train anyway, but no way I was going to risk my life for one day experience.

My professor already introduces to his patient as one of the most determined and nice lady. So, I am pretty sure, the 45 min delay won't take me anywhere. This made me realize of one of my juniors who used to be so hard on herself, just for the sake of impressing others and the moment she failed for a thing, she would blame it on herself and all her good would go in vain for her. She must have her reasons but I never care much about it. Afterall, it's not going to matter few years from now neither has some irresponsible consequences. 

Well, it's really important how we prioritise our stuffs for the sake of mental health. Stress is indeed one of the unnamed deadly disease. Huh! My train is yet to come so I rather give you some updates.

I had a great time yesterday where I got an opportunity to know and get known to a wonderful team.  I realize I might not be the best of the best one would get, but I would definitely bring my positive energy to the table. While many of my colleagues are stressing of not having plenty opportunity with handful options, I am making my plans and dreaming for the one. I do respect all of my colleagues now as this is one of the toughest time of our life. 

Whenever I post pics, over the social media, they see me traveling, having the best times of my life. What I am more enjoying is this hustle of having to catch a train, choosing longer route commute options just because it helps me save some penny. A time when I used to admire people going abroad in vacation and thought how I would never afford in my life. Well, that 8 year old me would be pretty shocked watching my pictures now. Although, I would also let her know all the efforts she would put into it. 

Long story short, got an announcement the train is arriving in approx 2 min. People have gathered already for the train. I bet everyone is on time for their place. I am doing pretty good, apart from my own stress of to do list which is lonnnng. Thanks to god, I have been able to tick slowly, one by one and I wish the positive force stays with me. 

Have a great day. I apologize for any typo. A lady came to me asking if she is standing in the right direction for the train. Two weeks back, I was this same lady asking to a guy on the bench. The world definitely revolves. Be kind, be nerdy.


Nerdybiatch 😎


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